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Gauravweni Hedaoo

Gauravweni Hedaoo is a Technical Consultant at Perficient Inc. She is currently working as Front-end Developer with the CAT team. She wants to explore, learn and share all the new updating changes in JavaScript and in React.

Blogs from this Author

Two programmers working together with lines of code superimposed over them

Things we can do With React DevTools

Debugging is one of the most important and useful techniques that every developer needs to achieve while developing an application to properly navigate and find the bugs or errors in the application efficiently. React Developer Tool (React DevTools) is one of the debugging tools. What is React DevTools? React DevTools is a browser extension available […]

three women in technology

Understanding React Portals and Their Importance

React portals provide a first-class way to render and allow child components, which are typically present outside the DOM, to live within a Document Object Model (DOM) node. This React portal component exists outside the DOM hierarchy of the parent component. When the child component visually separates out from its parent component, the portal can […]