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AEM Development Quick Tip: Component Unique ID

Often times, you need a unique ID for the AEM component. You either need to trigger custom action with JS or make a backend server side call. A hard-coded field ID is not unique if the component is dragged and dropped multiple times in the page. This post will give you a quick tip to […]

Adobe Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) Cloud: The Basics

Commerce needs to be experience driven and make every moment shoppable. This is one of five digital trends for 2018 that can drive the future of AEM and more. We are seeing some solid progress. As part of the big initiative, Adobe announced enabling experience-driven commerce, a brand new Adobe Cloud Commerce Integration Framework (CCIF) is […]

Less is More: Write Clean Elegant Codes in AEM

A clean, elegant code base goes a long way. It helps developers read and modify the code, sets a good foundation for future development, reduces technical debts and maintenance overhead, makes code easier to unit test, follows best practices, and much more. This still holds true in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) world. However, many […]

5 Digital Trends for 2018 That Can Drive the Future of AEM and More

New year, new resolution. This should apply to both person and business. 2017 was disruptive yet progressive for tech and digital marketing in many ways. We witnessed surge of AI and machine learning, emerging technologies like voice, facial recognition, virtual reality, augmented reality were built into many hit products/applications, holiday season had record breaking online […]

AEM Gems: Granite UI Common Attributes

In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Granite UI is the foundation UI framework to build touch-enabled UI consoles and component dialogs. It provides a set of out-of-the-box (OOTB) components that you can use to build consoles or component dialogs. In this blog, I want to talk about a small tech gem that a lot of AEM […]

AEM Touch UI Dialog Validation New Best Practice: Use Foundation-Validation

Oftentimes, AEM developers will be asked to develop a validator for the component dialog. Back in the Classic UI dialog days, you would probably write a JavaScript function for dialog before submitting an event. In Touch UI dialog, if you’ve Googled around, you probably found a lot articles/codes to use jQuery based validator, i.e. $.validator.register({}). Recently, I […]

Things to Look Out for When Upgrading to AEM 6.3

If you have been using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to host your sites for a while, and are now looking to upgrade to AEM 6.3 (whether considering an in-place upgrade or a fresh new install), I am sure you’ve already found some good public documentation from Adobe. (If you are wondering if you should upgrade, here are […]

What It’s Like to Work in Perficient’s Adobe Practice

I made a New Year’s resolution this year to learn a new thing every month. It’s been going great so far. I have taken classes and immersed myself in everything from public speaking to playing guitar, brewing beer to surfing. I enjoy learning new things, and not just in my personal life. I’m fortunate that […]

10 Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Masters Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Adobe Digital Marketing Masters Workshop in the Adobe office in San Francisco last week. The 5-day in-classroom workshop was packed with knowledge and hands-on information about some of the most popular Adobe Experience Cloud products, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Dynamic Tag Management, […]

Understanding and Trying Out the New AEM Dialog Conversion Tool Version 2

You may have been on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for more than three years, no matter if you are an admin, developer or author, you probably got used to the legacy Classic UI interface and dialogs. Personally, I tend to use the Classic UI site admin console to view/manage content pages, because I like how […]

Static or Editable Template? An In-Depth Comparison and Guide

In CMS world, Template, or Page Template is the base of the page user creates, it defines high level structure, basic functionality and sets the tone of look and feel. In Adobe AEM, the template concept is widely used across different products. There are templates for pages, forms, content fragments, experience fragments and assets. I […]

How To Switch From WCMUsePojo to Sling Models in AEM Part Three – Custom Injectors

When you are writing Sling Models code, you are constantly invoking injectors for the objects you use in your Sling Models class. There are eight standard injectors Sling provides out of the box currently (based on version 1.3.9.r1784960 of installed in AEM 6.3). But sometimes you may find the eight injectors don’t meet a […]

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