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Bruce Maghan

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Cross Charging Options – An Alternative Approach

In my last posting we discussed the various options for cross charging within Oracle Projects.  Today I would like to focus on the options of Inter-Project Billing and Inter-Company Billing and the issues with utilizing either one. As stated in my last blog, the cross charging options were broken down as follows Cross Charge Option […]

Deciphering Cross Charging Options

Over the past several implementations we have dealt with we have encountered more than a few variations as to how customers want to handle their cross charge transactions.  And as you can well imagine this always leads to numerous questions as to how the functionality works and what exactly the options are.  It is often […]

Why UDAs and not DFFs?

With the advent of Oracle Project Management we were introduced to the concept of the User Defined Attribute (UDA) as an alternative to the standard Descriptive FlexField (DFF).  However, I’ve had many clients that were unaware of the advantages of using UDA’s rather than DFF’s. In the past the DFF has been the goto item for storing […]

What’s New from Open World 2012 Part Two

Well, Open World 2012 is officially in the books and although it was exhausting, it has been exciting.  As I stated in my last blog, there has been no official release date for Oracle 12.2.  However, there are some exciting developments coming in the near future. From the OAUG Engineering and Construction SIG we learned […]

What’s New from Open World 2012 Part One

Well, day one is officially in the books for Open World 2012 and it has been exciting.  For those of you who were in town on Sunday to attend the various special interest group (SIG) conferences it is obviously day two.  Either way there have been some informative sessions presented by the various presenters at […]

Truly Making Contingent Workers Work for You

I remember several years ago (too many to mention) in one of my former careers (once again too many to mention) at a marine construction facility, we had to bring in a large number of contingent workers to supplement our workforce in order to meet project deadlines.  As you can well imagine this introduced the […]