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What’s New from Open World 2012 Part One

Well, day one is officially in the books for Open World 2012 and it has been exciting.  For those of you who were in town on Sunday to attend the various special interest group (SIG) conferences it is obviously day two.  Either way there have been some informative sessions presented by the various presenters at this year’s conference and I would like to share some of that information with you.

First of all, there has been no official release date for Oracle 12.2.  However, there are some exciting developments coming in the near future.

From the OAUG Projects SIG we learned that Self-Assessed Tax functionality is now available for Oracle Projects.  The transactions will be posted to Oracle Projects via the standard AP interface.  The configuration for Self-Assessed Tax will be done in eB Tax.

In addition, we also learned that you will now be able to plan at a single planning resource level in Projects 12.2.  This functionality will allow organizations to plan their projects at a higher level than the standard resource classes of People, Financial Elements, Equipment, and Material, thus, making the planning process much more efficient for these organizations.  In addition, the resource budget vs. actual reporting is now more accurate for these companies as well.

Probably the most exciting item was the unveiling of the new Endeca product.  Endeca is a new user interface for Oracle’s Applications.  At present, Endeca is available for some of the Oracle applications on release 12.1.3 – and one of these is Project Management.  Endeca provides the capability for users to search for data in unguided and guided navigation modes.  Think of the search capabilities you have on Amazon and you get the picture.  The functionality allows Project Managers to review common sets of data and perform updates and actions on multiple tasks at a time.  Thereby, eliminating the need to drill through multiple clicks to arrive at the point to which an action needs to be performed.  Endeca provides a dashboard approach to the project list page with associated metrics to give project team members the information they need in order to react and make decisions immediately.  If you are in town stop by the Oracle Demo Grounds booth W-121 to see a demo of the Endeca tool.

More to come…..

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