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Anam Firdous

Anam Firdous, an associate technical consultant at Perficient, excels in front-end development, particularly in Sitecore, and holds expertise in SCORE. Her focus lies in crafting top-notch web solutions across diverse industries by leveraging various front-end technologies, showcasing her prowess in UI development.

Blogs from this Author

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Routing in Next.js: Unraveling File-Based, Dynamic, Route Groups, and Layouts

What is Routing? The Pages Router utilizes a file-system-based routing system grounded in the concept of pages. Upon adding a file to the app directory, it becomes readily accessible as a route. File Based Routing: Each component in the app directory automatically becomes a route in your application. If you have a file named page.js […]

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Part-1 Demystifying Next.js: Exploring the Power of Parallel Routes for Smoother Web Experiences

Understanding Parallel Routes in Next.js Imagine you’re on a road trip, and you have multiple routes you can take to reach your destination. Similarly, in web development, when you build a website using Next.js, you create different routes for different pages. What are Routes? Routes are like paths or directions to specific pages on a […]

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Part-2 Next.js Parallel Routing for Unique Loading and Error Experiences

Parallel Routing with Loading: Imagine visiting a website, and while a page is loading, you see a spinning wheel or a loading symbol. That’s the loading state – it shows that things are still getting ready. In Next.js, using Parallel Routing, each webpage can have its own unique loading symbol or message. So, as you […]

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Mastering Vue.js Slots: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Vue.js is a cool way to make websites more interesting. One thing it does is use slots. Think of slots like placeholders where you can put stuff in a website part. What Are Slots? Vue.js slots are like special spots in a website component. They let you place various things into those spots from another […]

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Unlocking the Power of Vue Router: A Complete Walkthrough

Understanding Vue.js Router Vue.js routing acts as a guide for your web application, instructing it on which page or component to showcase as the URL shifts. This functionality enables the creation of interactive, multi-page experiences within the framework of a single-page application. This blog, we’ll explore the essential elements of Vue.js routing, encompassing route creation, […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Watchers in Vue.js

Vue.js Watchers In Vue.js, when your data changes, the webpage updates automatically. But sometimes, you might want to do extra things when certain data changes. That’s where watchers step in. Watchers are like special helpers in Vue.js. They keep an eye on specific pieces of information (like a number or a word) and jump into […]

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Mastering Vue.js Template Refs: A Comprehensive Guide

What’s this ref in Vue.js? The ref attribute is like giving a name to an HTML element or a part of your Vue template. This name lets you directly interact with and tweak these elements or components using JavaScript. A Practical Example Let’s make things crystal clear by diving into a simple example. Imagine you […]

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Understanding Props in Vue.js: Data Sharing and Child-to-Parent Communication

What are Props? In Vue.js, “props” are like messengers that help share information from a parent component to its children. They allow different parts of your web app to talk to each other by passing along essential data. Declaring Props Props are defined using the props option: Let’s Explore an Example to Grasp How Props […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Crafting a Vue.js Application Using Vue CLI

Introduction to Vue.js: Vue.js is a user-friendly and progressive JavaScript framework that simplifies the process of building dynamic web applications. Furthermore, it’s known for its flexibility and ease of integration, making it a popular choice for developers. Now, let’s embark on a straightforward guide to creating a Vue.js application. Prerequisites: Before starting the creation of […]