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Connecting the Dots with Payments and Patient Data

I know that this isn’t a healthcare blog, but I think it’s important to provide some context on the healthcare industry in order to make connections between it and financial institutions.  Last week I started the discussion around health reform and I’d encourage you to revisit my previous blog post.  Healthcare reform is really health […]

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Payments: How FIs Can Reduce Operating Costs of Health Reform

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re well aware by now that our healthcare system is drastically changing and that initiatives, like moving to across-the-board electronic medical records (EMRs), were pushed for years prior in the stimulus bill. It’s been well documented how much the US spends on healthcare: […]

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The Great Debate: The Future of the Bank Branch

How many times have you been in your local bank branch in the last 6 months (for anything other than to get a sucker)?  If the answer is on more than one hand, you were probably born before the interstate highway system.  If you’re saying zero, you’re probably a Millennial like me. Since you’re reading […]

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