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Integrating KeywordLogger with Test Listeners in Katalon Studio

Effective logging is crucial in test automation. It helps testers track test execution, identify issues, and understand skipped steps. Katalon Studio’s KeywordLogger provides a versatile logging mechanism, which can be enhanced further by integrating with Test Listeners. This blog will guide you through the integration process, offering practical examples to illustrate the concepts.   What […]

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Guide to Using KeywordLogger in Katalon Studio

Logging is an essential part of test automation. It helps you keep track of what your tests are doing, spot errors, and understand why certain steps were skipped. In Katalon Studio, KeywordLogger is a handy tool that makes logging easy and effective. This guide will show you how to use KeywordLogger with simple examples. What […]

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Exploring Test Level and Suite Level Parameterization in TestNG

Parameterization in test automation is a crucial technique that enables testers to execute the same test with different data sets or configurations, enhancing flexibility and test coverage. By using parameterized tests, testers can run a single test multiple times with various inputs, thereby improving the comprehensiveness of testing. This approach saves time and effort by […]

AI Testing

Maximizing Road Safety with an AI Testing Strategy

Imagine a world where roads are safer than ever! This could be possible thanks to an AI Testing Strategy by Perficient, which stands out as a trendsetter in innovation, driving solutions that revolutionize traffic management and road safety enforcement. Do you dare to step into this journey towards a safer and more efficient future?  Join […]

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Timed Interactions and Timeouts Testing in Accessibility Testing

Timed interactions refer to any interaction with an application with a time constraint. This could be a login session that expires after a certain time, a payment gateway that times out if the user takes too long to complete the transaction, or any other interaction with a time limit. Testing the accessibility of these interactions […]

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Accessibility in Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are web applications that load a website as a single web page, with no page refresh, and content added dynamically with the aid of JavaScript. However, SPAs pose unique challenges to users with disabilities, including keyboard and screen reader focus issues, content changes not being detected and announced, and custom elements […]

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Integrating Excel with Rest Assured

Let’s start with this blog as we attempt to understand the art of Integrating Excel with Rest Assured. Get ready for a smooth transition between reading data from Excel files and into our Rest Assured Test. Rest Assured, the Java powerhouse for API testing, joins forces with Apache POI, the maestro of Excel file wizardry, […]

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Perficient Achieves 35 Analyst Report Inclusions in 2023 – 22 Highlighting Our Second Half Success

At Perficient, we revolutionize the world’s leading brands, how they engage with their customers, and propel their business forward. Our global footprint across the U.S., Latin America, and India empowers us to redefine excellence throughout the industry. Behind these transformative journeys are our thousands of skilled strategists and technologists, each individually equipped with a wealth […]

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Kubernetes Testing Approaches and Best Practices

Introduction Kubernetes has emerged as a key player, providing a robust platform for deploying and managing containerized applications. This blog aims to explore Kubernetes testing approaches, focusing on best practices, and underscore their significance in the software development lifecycle. Kubernetes Testing Approaches Unit Testing: Definition: Unit testing is a software testing approach that focuses on […]

Test Case Respositories

How Do I Choose the Best QA Test Case Repository for My Team?

Considering the growing importance of mobile and web applications, choosing a QA Test Repository for your organization can be a daunting task with the options available on the market.  It can be difficult to determine where to start when evaluating tools and options. We can help jumpstart that process! Let’s dig into the benefits and […]

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Top 3 Reasons for a QA Environment

Imagine as a Quality Analyst, you begin your day of testing. You log into Sitecore Content Editor, create a page, name it, and open it in Experience Editor but receive a white screen “Our Services are unavailable.” You investigate and see a deployment happening to your environment, which is DEV. All this has taken 10 […]

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Let’s Get Started: Selenium with Python #1

Did you know Python can prove to be a best friend of Selenium when it comes to automation testing? This blog will not only give a brief description of how it works and why it is required to know Selenium with python these days but will also help in learning automation testing using the same. […]

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