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Celebrating Excellence: Five Women of Perficient Are Chosen as Proud Speakers at SUGCON in 2023

Celebrating Excellence

In the world of Sitecore, excellence knows no gender boundaries. Here at Perficient’s Sitecore & Optimizely Business Unit, five remarkable women have achieved a prestigious milestone that sets them apart — they were chosen to be speakers at the highly regarded SUGCON (Sitecore User Group Conference) in 2023. Being selected as a speaker at this esteemed conference is a testament to their expertise, dedication, and contributions to the Sitecore community. Together, they embody the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment.

As someone fortunate to work alongside these remarkable professionals, I am proud and excited to share their stories, achievements, and contributions.

Meet the Leading Ladies of Perficient Sitecore Practice:

Megan Mueller Jensen: The Sitecore Strategy MVP


Megan Mueller Jensen whom we often call MJ both at Perficient and community-wide, our esteemed Senior Solution Architect, has earned the coveted title of Sitecore Strategy MVP. Her contributions to the Sitecore community are prolific, ranging from speaking engagements at Sitecore user groups to writing insightful blogs and participating in podcasts.

Additionally, she is a Sitecore Strategy MVP, and continues to be a shining example of consistent contributions. Her organization of The Sitecore Strategy Lunch (North America), a forum that encourages collaboration between marketing strategists and technologists, further emphasizes the importance of shared knowledge and teamwork in the digital landscape.

Megan’s active involvement in organizing strategy and marketing-focused events showcases her passion for knowledge sharing. Her dedication to consistent contributions to the community sets a high standard. Everyone’s familiar with Megan’s slogan – “MJ Knows Sitecore“, and I can assure you, she really does!

Emily Lord: The DXP Account Executive

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Emily Lord, an Account Executive at Perficient, brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a background in Project Management and Front-End Development, Emily is a versatile professional who excels in connecting with clients and solving complex challenges with Sitecore. Her passion for delivering high-quality work and creating strong relationships is evident in her decade-long journey with our business unit. She recently re-qualified to be an Account Executive here at Perficient, and as an SME working tightly with Emily on a variety of clients, I can only be excited about how well she performs. One thing I could not but mention – Emily is an effective organizer of the Atlanta Sitecore User group, the one that is best from the whole US in my opinion, and she raises the bar for the rest of us, including myself, being in charge of LA SUG.

Tiffany Laster: The Digital Strategy Master Chef

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Tiffany Laster, a senior Business Consultant, is an enthusiastic tech consultant known for her innovative approach to digital strategy. She is perpetually curious and seeks to innovate for national and global companies. Tiffany’s expertise is exemplified by her invitation to Sitecore’s Tips & Tricks series, where she shares her insights on Content Hub DRM—a critical aspect often overlooked by clients but championed by Tiffany.

As an allocated Sitecore Mentor for Tiffany Laster, I am extremely proud of her being able to share the DAM Maturity Model for Content Hub from a bigger stage, as well as the rest of her contributions to date.

If you planning to implement Content Hub within your organization, this session is THE MUST for you to attend. You’ll learn the entire roadmap to the implementation, an almost ready-to-use recipe, accompanied by a list of all the potential traps and costly mistakes one could ever make while going on with Content Hub.
Really, that is the most wanted content from any CH-driven organization!

Neha Pasi: The Lead Technical Consultant

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Neha Pasi, a Lead Technical Consultant at our Nagpur office, has spent five out of her six years in the IT industry working with Sitecore. Beyond her impressive technical skills, Neha is an active member of Perficient’s Women In Technology Employee Resource Group. She contributes by hosting events, writing blogs, and fostering a thriving culture within our organization.

Neha has worked on the entirety of project types for a range of our clients, involving nontrivial third-party integrations and customizations. She led an offshore development team and has received admiration and appreciation for her work on multiple instances, including from the one me. Besides the client projects, Neha is doing an incredible amount of work for the perfection of our organization, such as being in charge of numerous Sitecore training programs, maintaining our re-usable PowerShell Script Library, and of course – taking part in Headless StarterKit Workshops with me.

I am very excited to work with Neha and was thrilled by her enthusiasm and energy during my visit to the Nagpur office in person earlier this year.

Mahima Patel: The Technical Architect with a Decade of Mastery

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Mahima Patel, a Technical Architect at Perficient, boasts over a decade of experience working with Sitecore and associated technologies. Her expertise spans diverse projects, from Web Forms to Headless deliveries, Sitecore Upgrades, and custom integrations. Mahima’s leadership, attention to detail, and adventurous perspective have delivered quality solutions time and again. I was admired by the deep level of thinking and multi-factor consideration Mahima demonstrated once we were conducting an architecture planning session for one of the Perficient clients, with at least 4 composable products from Sitecore involved.

At SUGCON India Mahima Patel and Neha Pasi presented “Everything you need to know about Sitecore Discover”.

Also, it’s important to mention that both Neha and Mahima actively collaborate in the Headless Starterkit workshop for XM Cloud where we collectively deliver excellence, including our shiny Perficient XM Cloud JumpStart, my initiative and I am very thankful to them for it.

A Collective Force for Innovation

These five women, each excelling in their unique capacities, form a collective force for innovation and excellence within Perficient’s Sitecore business unit. They are mentors, collaborators, thought leaders, and active contributors to the Sitecore community. Their passion for knowledge sharing, dedication to mentoring, and commitment to driving innovation are truly inspiring.

In particular, the mentorship role played by me as a mentor to Neha, Mahima, and Tiffany, underscores the importance of guidance and support in nurturing rising stars within the Sitecore community. Taking place in the official Sitecore Mentor Program (link) has not only empowered these wonderful women but also enriched the entire community with the knowledge derived from their contributions.

As someone privileged to work with these exceptional women at Perficient, I am exceptionally proud and excited about their achievements over the past year. Their journey reflects the true spirit of collaboration, growth, and empowerment within the Sitecore community. Together, they are shaping the future of Sitecore and inspiring others to reach for excellence. If you’re a marketer attending SUGCON NA next week, make sure you attend sessions by Tiffany, Megan and Emily.

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of Megan Mueller Jensen, Emily Lord, Tiffany Laster, Neha Pasi, and Mahima Patel as we look forward to even greater achievements in the exciting world of Sitecore.

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