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Implementing in the Sitecore FAQ Accordion Rendering

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As we have discussed about in Sitecore and its benefits in my previous blog. We will be exploring the implementation of on components.

In this blog, I am taking a scenario where I will be implementing on the FAQ Accordion component in Sitecore


  • Sitecore 9.1 and above
  • SXA

For this component, I have added a paint bucket style for the Accordion (OOTB) component. The addition of this class will differentiate the Accordion component from the FAQ Accordion. This class (schema-accordion) can be used to fetch the data from the component.

How to implement in a Sitecore FAQ accordion

1. Create a paint bucket style for the Accordion (out of the box) component at sitecore/content/TenantName/SiteName/Presentation/Styles/Accordion. I named the style Schema Accordion and the value (class name) as schema-accordion. Allowed rendering can be added to make the style rendering specific.


2. Add the Accordion component to any page and create a data source.


Step2 1

3. Add the style (Schema Accordion) we have created to the rendering


Step3 1

4. Create a rendering variant of Page Content rendering for Heading, Title, and Content. Add Scriban to the rendering variant and add the following code to the Scriban:

For the Heading:

{{ if (o_pagemode.is_experience_editor_editing) }}
{{ sc_field i_item "Heading" }}
{{ else }}
<div class="field-heading">{{ i_item.Heading.raw }}</div>
{{ end }}

For the Title:

{{ if (o_pagemode.is_experience_editor_editing) }}
 {{ sc_field i_item "Heading" }}
{{ else }}
<p class="faq-question" itemprop={{}}> {{ i_item.Heading.raw }} </p>
{{ end }}

For the Content:

{{ if (o_pagemode.is_experience_editor_editing) }}
 {{ sc_field i_item "Content" }}
{{ else }}
<div itemscope itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemtype="">
      <div class="faq-answer" itemprop="text">
       {{ i_item.Content.raw }}
{{ end }}

5. Add the following code to your JavaScript file so that the schema will get added to the component

function insertScript(tagToAdd, tags = null, updatedScript, deleteOtherNodes = false) {
    if (!tagToAdd) return;
    var headElement = document.getElementsByTagName(tagToAdd)[0];
    if (tags && tags.length > 0) {
        document.getElementsByTagName(tagToAdd)[0].replaceChild(updatedScript, tags[0]);
        if (!deleteOtherNodes) return;
        for (let i = 1; i < tags.length; i++) {
    } else {

const accordion = document.querySelector(".accordion.schema-accordion");
var accordionItems = accordion.querySelectorAll("ul li");
var accordionList = [];
accordionItems && accordionItems.forEach((items, index) => {
    var question = accordionItems[index].querySelector(".toggle-header .field-heading").innerText;
    var answer = accordionItems[index].querySelector(".toggle-content .field-content").innerText;
    accordionList.push({ "@@type": "question", "name": question, "acceptedAnswer": { "@@type": "answer", "text": answer } });
var schemaMarkup = "[{ \"@@context\": \"\", \"@@type\": \"FAQPage\", \"mainEntity\":" + JSON.stringify(accordionList) + "}]";
var prevTagss = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].querySelectorAll("script[type='application/ld+json'");
prevTagss = Array.from(prevTagss);
prevTagss = prevTagss.filter((p) => p.innerHTML.indexOf("@@graph") > -1);
var newScriptt = document.createElement('script');
newScriptt.type = 'application/ld+json';
newScriptt.innerHTML = schemaMarkup;
insertScript('head', prevTags, newScriptt, true);

Note: Make sure to use the class names you have used in your component.

6. The schema should appear in the <head> tag of the page and should look like this


By performing the above steps, can be implemented in a Sitecore FAQ Accordion Component.

As this FAQ accordion is properly marked, this may be eligible to have a rich result on Search and an action on google assistant, which can help your site reach the right users.

I will be exploring more about and PowerShell scripts by which we can perform tedious tasks effortlessly. Stay tuned!


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