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Why TikTok’s Newly Announced Ecommerce Business Is a Big Deal

TikTok is unrolling an ecommerce platform in America to bring products direct to consumer.

TikTok – a Chinese social media platform where users can watch and create short video content – has cornered social media over the last few years with an estimated 834 million monthly users worldwide in 2023 and more growth expected in the coming years.

With that in mind, TikTok now has plans to launch a program in August that will bring products made in China to consumers in the United States. They hope to replicate the success of clothing retail platforms like SHEIN and Temu.

Perficient Director and Lead Commerce Strategist, Justin Racine, shares his perspectives on why this is a big deal in an article on CMSWire.

What You’ll Learn From the Piece

This news changes the retail landscape in a few ways:

  • By allowing consumers to shop in their channel of choice
  • By eliminating the middleman, such as distributors and retail stores
  • By acknowledging social ordering as a reality

Check out the full piece here!

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