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Getting OneStream Badge-Preparation for Beginner Level

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Coming from IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) and Anaplan background OneStream’s first-hand experience was quite distinctive and interesting.

There are no prerequisites to have experience in any EPM tool but it provides a slight edge.

Anyone with technical / finance background can learn this tool.

As compared to other EPM tools OneStream has the unique capability of both Financial Consolidation and Planning in the same platform.

I started initially with OneStream Essentials-Getting Started with OneStream. This module provides basic information about the tool as well capability of the tool. This model was helpful to continue the certification journey.

Below are 3 certifications/badges for the beginner level. All this course needs is between 20-30 hours to complete.

  1. OneStream Essentials: Implementing OneStream
  2. OneStream Architect Design an application
  3. OneStream Essentials: Building Basic Reports

How will this course help you?

One of the main benefits I found through taking this course was to follow best practices. who earned this certification have demonstrated the knowledge to analyze customer requirements and initiate the design of a OneStream application.

Additionally, earning OneStream Badge demonstrates key industry knowledge to customers and can help differentiate employees in today’s competitive world.

OneStream Essentials: Implementing OneStream

Onestream - Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges
Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges

Improvements in each of the following period-close core tasks can provide transformative change and are reviewed in this guide include closing the books and external reporting, periodic reconciliations, and managing the period-close process.

Get the Guide

This module covers key components of tools and builds the application along with best practices. I spent around 3 hours per day absorbing the concept. This model is broken out into multiple chapters. I was able to cover 1-2 chapters each day. Each chapter has a hands-on Lab and test which needs to be completed before moving on to the next chapter. Over 12 assessment tests are included in these modules. The questions can be a little tricky, but completing LAB / hands-on exercises helped me a lot to tackle the questions.

OneStream Architect: Design an application

Learning Path provides students with access to metadata, workflow, and model design-related courses. Using a variety of interactive tools, students can navigate through a series of lessons and activities that enable them to comprehend the key elements of a project’s design phase. This module was made available only after clearing the pre-assessment test. The tests followed by each chapter consist of 12 assessment tests.

OneStream Essentials: Building Basic Reports

This module covers Integrating with different data sets. The module contains 16 assessment tests.

Keys to Successfully Completing the Certificate:

  • Make notes of key points and complete the practical lab before you take the test after each chapter.
  • Don’t try to complete them in one or two days rather break these into a week.
  • During the test please refer to your Lab exercises which will help you to answer the questions.
  • 7 to 10 questions are to be answered after each chapter.
  • During each chapter, they have a few quick questions to check your understanding which will help to prepare for the final test.

Certified Badge:

Once the assessments are completed for each module you will receive your Badge through Credly within a week of completion, which can be shared on social media.

All the Best!

Sachin Bongale

Badge URL:

I have 15 plus years of experience in EPM domain working in end-to-end implementation of tools like IBM planning analytics, PBCS/EPBCS, and Anaplan.

I am a certified Scrum Master, PMP, OneStream, Hyperion EPM, Anaplan, and IBM Planning Analytics.

Certified Chartered Accountant with strong functional knowledge of financial statements, budgeting, forecast & planning processes.


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Sachin Kumar Bongale

Sachin Bongale (CA. Scrum Master, PMP) having over 15 years of experience in the EPM domain on end-to-end implementations with tools like IBM planning analytics, Anaplan and PBCS/EPBCS. He has worked at several large IT firms, and he is certified in OneStream, Hyperion EPM, Anaplan, and IBM Planning Analytics. He is also a Certified Chartered Accountant. Sachin has a solid functional knowledge of financial statements, budgeting, forecast, and planning processes.

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