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Coveo Named Champion in 2023 Enterprise Search Data Quadrant

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Coveo Named Top Performer in Key Categories 

Coveo has received recognition as a champion in the 2023 Enterprise Search Data Quadrant by SoftwareReviews, a division of IT research and consulting. This recognition is a testament to Coveo’s commitment to customer success and delivering strong ROI for its customers. 

Based on real customer feedback, the composite satisfaction score given to Coveo was 8.9. Coveo received the highest scores in key areas such as trustworthiness, respectfulness, and fairness. Coveo was also rated highest in overall vendor capability satisfaction (82%), overall product feature satisfaction (87%), and likelihood to recommend (91%). 

Additionally, Coveo was a overall top performer in the report, ranking highest in four key categories: quality features, product strategy and rate of improvement, ease of administration, and ease of customization. 

Quality Features 

The quality of features offered by a software is of utmost importance for its users because software needs to be easy, reliable, intuitive, and effective at doing what you purchased it to do. When it comes to delivering quality features, the SoftwareReviews report ranked the Coveo Relevance Cloud as the top product with a score of 88%, which is 10% better than the average. Working with our team of Coveo experts can help you leverage Coveo’s quality features to its fullest potential.

Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement 

Assessing a vendor’s dedication to improvement and innovation is crucial when buying software. As a customer, you want to know if your vendor is committed to constantly improving its platform, so it does not become outdated. The report ranked Coveo as the most innovative enterprise search platform, finishing 7% better than the average in the category of product strategy and rate of improvement. 

Ease of Administration 

It is a huge competitive advantage when your IT team can resolve issues and perform configurations effectively with efficiency. The Coveo Relevance Cloud ranked as the top product in the category of ease of administration, meaning that users find it easy to use Coveo and it saves them time. User-friendly and intuitive administrative interfaces are important for IT staff to effectively manage configurations and resolve any issues with ease. 

Ease of Customization 

More often than not you need to add customizations to your out-of-the-box software in order to get the most out of the software. Customizing a software’s functionality to meet business goals is important for providing the best user experience and is the key to providing users with the personalized experience that they expect. However, if it is difficult to customize the functionality of your software it can diminish the productivity of your software. 

The Coveo Relevance Cloud outperformed the average by scoring 9% better and was ranked as the easiest product to achieve customization. This gives Coveo users a major competitive advantage and not only saves the users time but also cuts down on frustration. 

Learn More  

Coveo’s recognition as a top-performing platform in the 2023 Enterprise Search Data Quadrant by SoftwareReviews is a testament to the quality of products Coveo has to offer. Perficient is an award-winning Coveo Platinum Partner and we are honored to offer Coveo’s top-ranking enterprise search products to help you optimize your business 

Reach out to learn more about how we use Coveo’s top ranking enterprise search platform to give your customers the personalized experience they are looking for. 

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