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Drupal 10 is here – Are You Ready for It?

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Drupal 10 was launched on December 14, 2022. For countless reasons, Drupal 10 enjoyed immense hype even before its release. It was anticipated that Drupal 10 will have a number of new functionalities. The addition of third-party dependencies, the installation of an automated update system, the substitution of jQuery usage with standard JavaScript, and the eradication of deprecated code was predicted in this latest version of Drupal. 

With a successful Drupal 10 launch, the Drupal team effectively delivered on the promises they made. Users from all over the world have expressed satisfaction as the update has significantly enhanced usability and the editorial experience. We can help if you haven’t finished the Drupal 10 upgrade yet. Because we now have more tools to support the migration, upgrading from Drupal 9 to 10 is comparatively simpler than migrating from Drupal 7 to 8 or 9. 

Why Is Migration to Drupal 10 Necessary? 

CKEditor, PHP, Symfony, and Composer are just a few examples of third-party components that Drupal 8 or 9 depends on. By 2023, most of these third-party components will reach their End of Life (EOL). 

CKEditor 4 is supported until 2023. Symfony 4—which will reach End of Life in November 2023—is a dependency of Drupal 9. Therefore, upgrading Symfony 4 to the most recent version, Symfony 6, will not only ensure that it complies with the Drupal 10 component requirements but also that it operates correctly. 

Drupal 9 will reach its end of life by November 2023. Before this moment arrives, do upgrade to Drupal 10!  

What benefits does Drupal 10 offer? 

Here are some of the benefits that Drupal 10 offers: 

Improved Backend Performance with PHP 8.2 and Symfony 6  

Tons of outdated, deprecated codes have been eradicated in Symfony 6. This necessitates updating your Symfony API-using modules and themes. With our expertise, you can enjoy the most recent PHP and Symfony developments that will give your end-users an amazing experience. 

CKEditor 5 Comes into the Picture 

There’s been an update from CKEditor 4 to CKEditor 5 with Drupal 10. Version 5 appears more upscale and contemporary even though the two versions are largely pretty similar. The interface has been made simpler, and in UX design, simplicity truly is the height of elegance. Version 5 is more touch device compatible than version 4 because it does not rely on right-click menus. It is obvious that CKEditor 5 is more tailored to the needs of content editors than to those of site builders.  

A New Method in Drupal 10 Theming  

The new Starterkit theme is intended to be copied when creating a new theme rather than acting as a base theme to be sub-themed. It will enable front-end developers to obtain a copy to use as a starting point for their theme. 

Claro, A Contemporary Admin Theme 

Claro is a significant improvement for Drupal’s user interface and overall appearance. The “Admin” theme is a refreshing change from the “Seven” theme Claro replaces, which looks old in 2023. 

We can audit your Drupal site and help you to upgrade/migrate to Drupal 10.  Ameex – part of Perficient – offers highly adaptable and feature-rich Drupal solutions for your business to succeed.   

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