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Appian World 2022 and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

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This is the final post in a series covering the new products released to the public by Appian during Appian World 2022.  Read the second blog here.


Appian Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

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Every day organizations must sort through numerous documents to find specific data they need to start a task or to influence business decisions.  Traditionally, there are two ways to do this, either by hand or by utilizing difficult-to-use software trained to recognize characters in a sequence.   But, with Appian’s low code platform, there is another, easy-to-use, option.

Intelligent document processing solutions (IDP) aim to transform out-of-context data into actionable data.  But, due to IDP solutions often being difficult to use and hard to customize, you may not get the data you need in an efficient manner.  But, with Appian’s AI-powered IDP you can.  Their low code platform allows for easy customization and will give you the ability to extract large volumes of data and structure it quickly.


Appian’s IDP solutions will set you and your organization up for success with their:

  • Rapid setup. The application is already built out with trained AI and no templates are required. AI is quick learning and requires less than 10 samples to classify documents.
  • Industry-leading Extraction. Appian IDP reads and comprehends documents similarly to humans and can extract unstructured data. Appian IDP will also understand handwritten notes, complex tables, and checklists.
  • Machine Learning. AI continues to learn and improve from human corrections quickly and easily responds to document changes. Built-in reporting will help track KPIs and classification and extraction accuracy.
  • Powerful Automation. Connect IDP to your business processes perfectly with your business processes. Appian’s platform also allows for robotic process management where you can hand data off to RBA bots for processing and for use of decision tables to decide if data is compliant.


Appian’s low-code and easily customizable platform will allow your enterprise to remove manual document processing in any workflow.

Perficient has more than 5 years of experience as an Appian Regional Partner with 45+ certified experts.  Perficient’s dedicated Appian team looks forward to connecting with you and your organization and solving your business problems by leveraging Appian.

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Perficient + Appian

We help simplify and minimize expensive manual business operations processes through low-code applications built on Appian. Our integration and automation expertise and track record of successful Appian implementations make us the partner of choice to help you digitally transform and stay ahead of the competition.



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