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Appian World 2022 and the Release of Appian Process Mining

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This is a series covering the new products released to the public by Appian during Appian World 2022.  Read the first blog here.


Traditional Process Mining

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Process mining is an intricate system where the goal is to turn data into actionable insights.  Traditionally, Process mining follows a three-step process to make your data useable for your organization:

Step 1) Ensuring that you have correct data and preparing the data.

Step 2) Visualizing the process flow.

Step 3) Analyzing your data for insights.

Depending on your process, step 1 can have multiple sub-steps.  You may have to acquire additional resources and need support from management.  Another potential sub-step can happen when looping in relevant stakeholders depending on your project type.  Step 2 can also take a while if you are visualizing the process flow(s) manually.  But, by utilizing Appian Process Mining, you and your organization will be

able to focus on the valuable insights, not on creating the process flow and gathering additional resources.



Appian Process Mining

With Appian, you can increase your process mining efficiency, lower costs, and optimize your processes.  Appian has transformed process mining to be more transparent and make it easier to monitor and analyze large data sets.

With Appian Process Mining you will be able to do the following:

  • See your process in real-time with an automatically generated model.
  • Generate target models.
  • Carry out root-cause analysis to quickly find bottlenecks and process inefficiencies.
  • Implement conformance checks to compare your processes to target processes.
  • Monitor KPIs and important metrics in a customizable low-code dashboard.
  • Utilize Mining Prep where you can import external data sets, preview data transformations, and schedule updates so that you can focus on insights.
  • Create custom metric thresholds and alerts for continuous optimization.


Gartner has said of Appian’s process mining capabilities, “[Appian] focuses significantly more than its competitors on data preparations and data cleansing supporting big data, and process model enhancement capabilities.” You trust Appian with your other business process management applications, now trust them with your process mining.

Perficient has a dedicated process mining team, and they look forward to connecting with you and your organization and solving your business problems.

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Perficient + Appian

We help simplify and minimize expensive manual business operations processes through low-code applications built on Appian. Our integration and automation expertise and track record of successful Appian implementations make us the partner of choice to help you digitally transform and stay ahead of the competition.



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