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Kurt Mayer, CPM Solutions Architect, Earns Design Learning Path Certification from OneStream

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The OneStream Design Learning Path provides students with access to metadata, workflow, and rules design-related courses. Using a variety of interactive tools, students can navigate through a series of lessons and activities that enable them to comprehend the key elements of a project’s design phase. Students that have earned this certification have demonstrated the knowledge to analyze customer requirements and initiate the design of a OneStream application. Additionally, earning a OneStream certification demonstrates key industry knowledge to customers and can help differentiate employees in today’s competitive job market.

Kurt Mayer, a Solutions Architect within our CPM practice, recently completed the OneStream Design Learning Path, so I caught up with him to learn more about the program from a student’s perspective.

Why did you decide to take the Design Learning Path Certification course?Kurt Mayer

Perficient is a OneStream Diamond Partner, the highest level partnership you can obtain, and OneStream often seeks out our participation for its development courses. Plus, I’m a OneStream Certified Instructor and Lead Architect and I’ve developed a relationship with the training and development department at OneStream, so, they invited me to participate in this beta course.

In addition to our relationship with OneStream, I knew the knowledge that I was going to gain would enhance the knowledge that I already had.

How will this course help you?

One of the biggest benefits I found through taking this course was the best practices I learned. In my career, I can take this knowledge and feel confident in knowing the solutions that I architect are following these guidelines. Additionally, I’m able to share what I learned with my colleagues and help raise the level of expertise in our practice higher than it already is.

What was your prior experience before taking the course?

Before the Design Learning Path Program, I went through another very intense beta program that offered a Lead Architect certification. The course required a lot of self-study and training that OneStream provides and then sitting through an all-day certification exam to test the depth and breadth of my knowledge. I was able to pass that and achieve that certification so now I’m a Certified Lead Architect.

Was there a test for comprehension at the end?

Yes, but there were also embedded comprehension tests throughout the course. This was a five-week course and we worked on dozens and dozens of modules and, throughout those modules, you had to pass comprehension tests. In addition to the module tests, at the end of each week, we had to pass a comprehension test on all the material that was presented across multiple topics.

At the end of the five weeks, we were given an overall test on all the knowledge we gained over that time. For this test, we had to pass with a certain percentage, and I was able to do that and achieve this certification in design methodology.

How does the Design Learning Path course compare with the Lead Architect Certification?

The Lead Architect Certification process grants you great technical knowledge and the credentials to allow you to speak with authority on many aspects of how the software is technically working inside. This is very different than knowing how to design a solution for a customer and successfully implement it. Every customer and implementation is different, so every solution will be different. Similarly, these certifications are both critical to expanding your knowledge on various OneStream solutions and presenting yourself as a credible source to customers.

How would you rate your overall experience?

The course was put together well, and I really enjoyed it. This was another intense training course, lasting five weeks and it demanded significant hours outside of work. It was hands-on, but there were also a lot of virtual meetings and panels with leading developers and architects in the industry. These experts gave us best practices, guided us through how to design a good solution, and walked us through their own experience. In five weeks, we went through every aspect of designing a solution and implementing a project. Overall, it was an incredible course.

Would you recommend others consider it?

I would highly recommend this course. It significantly raised my knowledge level and there was never a module where I didn’t have an “aha” moment. It reaffirmed a lot of knowledge I already had, while also providing new skills, knowledge, and best practices. Additionally, the course was taught by a team of amazing OneStream instructors who have experience implementing repeatable solutions. So, I would recommend the Design Learning Path Certification course to others seeking to build better solutions and produce the best projects that they can.

This certification allows me to say, “I’m certified in design and I know how to apply that knowledge using best practices to create the solution and give the client a working implementation with world-class software.”

Do you have any advice for other people trying to grow their careers?

This is something very near and dear to me. For me, it’s all about learning and there are a lot of key components that factor into building a successful career. Here are my three pieces of advice, that I believe are the most important.

  1. Build strong relationships with peers in the industry and team up with a good user group in your community or your area of expertise.
  2. Always have a sense of wonderment and embrace opportunities to learn. Be sure to seek knowledge and training in your part of the industry and then use this knowledge to help mentor others.
  3. Lastly, certification. It’s important to be able to speak with authority on subjects and have the credentials to back that up. We’ve all had to “fake it until you make it” but try to become an expert in something and make the investment in your career.

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