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Episerver Forms – Working with Samples Resources

Episerver forms resources javascript

Episerver Forms Samples is an open source extension pack that adds features to Optimizely Forms. The extension adds extra fields like ReCaptcha, DateTime, and Addressblock. It also adds extra client resources like Forms specific jQuery and CSS packages for the control of those new fields. Adding these extra resources can come at the cost of performance, though. The built-in styles can also conflict with existing or desired project styles, depending on your configuration. Optimizely provides for the disabling of these resources using the Forms.config file in the Form modules folder. However, working with config files can put you at risk for breaking something with an update.

I put together an approach using a custom Resource List that avoids the need to work with the config file. This method of modifying the Episerver Forms Samples resources gives you greater control over what resources are loaded. Where the config file setting only allows you to control the jQuery or CSS, this method gets more granular to the individual files. You can also inject your own resources, and change their locations without worry of an update overwriting the config settings.

Follow my article, How to Exclude or Modify Episerver Forms Samples Javascript and CSS for more information and leave any questions or comments below.

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