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What You Should Know About the New Marketo Dynamic Chat

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If you are familiar with chatbot tools like Drift and Intercom, then it won’t be a shock to get up to speed on this new feature that Marketo will soon roll out (probably later in the quarter).

Should you get excited? I would say yes because it offers another opportunity to engage with your website visitors based on their content and engagement preferences.  While forms are (and can still be) a primary way to capture intent, it’s no secret that the conversion rates for forms have been slowly dipping below marketers’ expectations.

In lieu of the eventual launch of this feature, here are some key things you should know about it.

No Coding Required

It’s as simple as copy and pasting Javascript onto the pages you want to utilize the chat feature. You will not need to involve your developers unless you must for website access reasons. Furthermore, you can customize the branding of the tool through the tool’s native UI interface.

Lead and Account Targeting

You can deploy the right chat dialogues based on detailed lead and account attributes that you can build out in the robust audience criteria section before publishing.

Book Sales Meetings

Imagine that a visitor comes to your website and the chat dialogue asks if they are interested in a demo of a specific product based on the page they are visiting. If they respond “yes,” your team can have the ability to sync a sales member’s Outlook and Google calendars to Dynamic Chat and book a meeting instantly. On the back-end reporting, you can also view all scheduled meetings.

Smart Campaign and Lead Routing Integration

Update lead scores and route leads appropriately based on interactions on your company’s website through the chat feature. You can also add chat members to relevant email programs and trigger campaigns based on chat history.

Based on what we have seen thus far, there are multiple opportunities to provide cross-channel optimization and engagement that expand paid, social, web, and email channels. More importantly, you can provide a more relevant and customized customer or prospect experience that benefits everyone.

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Andrea Walker

Andrea Walker, MCE, is currently Perficient's Marketo Architect for the Adobe Business Unit. She has spent many years in digital marketing, marketing technology, and marketing ops for both in-house SaaS companies and working with clients in multiple sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and technology.

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