Perficient’s Wei Lai wins IBM’s Build a Bot for Social Change Challenge

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We are proud to announce that Wei Lai, a Perficient Technical Architect, won the Best IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution that Solves a Social Challenge with his IBM RPA Survey Bot!

As a regular host of an annual food drive, Wei was disappointed to discover that there are significant shortcomings associated with local food drives, including the fact that as much as fifty percent of food goes uneaten and there is a high cost associated with sorting donations. Motivated to mitigate such losses while still giving back to those in need, Wei came up with an unprecedented RPA solution.

How does it work?

Wei’s solution involves four roles: the benefactor, the giver, the person in need, and the bargain hunters. In the solution, the giver scans the survey bar commonly found on the bottom of grocery store or restaurant receipts. The survey bot then completes the survey to obtain a discount or other associated perk. The reward(s) are then loaded into a virtual food bank. People in need can collect the coupon, or the coupon can go to a bargain hunter in exchange for a cash donation. The cash donation is then given to a person in need.

Wei’s solution works by the user taking a photo of the survey barcode and uploading the photo to one of three folders in Google Drive. The folders are organized according to potential satisfaction ratings—good, fair, and poor. Once the photo is uploaded, Wei’s bot takes over and performs optical character recognition (OCR) to extract the survey URL and code. The bot will then open the survey and fill it out according to the preset Google Drive folder settings.

Finally, the bot takes a snapshot of the final landing page and sends it to the user’s email. The coupon/perk payout is collected by the bot and is sent to the virtual food bank.

To learn more about Wei’s solution, watch his YouTube video here!

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