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Optimizing Ecommerce for a Growing Business: A Customer Success Story

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In our previous blogs How to Modernize Your B2B/EDI Management Platform with Boomi and Jumpstart Your B2B/EDI Management Platform with Perficient, we discussed the benefits of a modern B2B/EDI platform and Perficient’s offerings to help your organization effectively integrate with vendors, suppliers, distributors, partners, and marketplaces, respectively. In today’s blog, we will share how we helped a global skincare brand modernize its ecommerce platform during a global shift to online retail.

Applying the Foundation for Effortless Ecommerce

Our client is a global skincare brand that formulates makeup and a variety of skincare products. To meet the needs and demands of a growing customer base, our client decided to expand online ordering to international customers. However, they were not equipped to handle the increase in order volume, and order processing could take multiple days. Compounded by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online retail, our client needed a solution that would integrate its ecommerce platform with back-end operations and automatically trigger order processing.

The company chose to upgrade its ecommerce platform to Shopify, a subscription-based software service that offers a shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage products. They also replaced their legacy integration platform with Boomi and integrated Boomi with Shopify for a low-maintenance solution that provides enterprise integration capabilities.

First, we integrated Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) with Shopify. This created end-to-end automation that syncs our client’s online orders with back-end operations. Next, we used Boomi pre-built connectors to ensure that the latest SAP product catalog information appears in Shopify.

Shopify’s automated workflows can be easily customized or modified to support any business need. Future integrations between cloud applications and on-premises systems can be accomplished seamlessly for enterprise scalability and elasticity.

Taking Order Fulfillment From Days to Minutes

Boomi’s cloud-native platform eliminates the need to install or maintain software. Updates are automatically installed and pricing is based on usage, which will save our client time and money.

Boomi’s multi-tenant architecture offers elasticity, is easy to use, and brings an accelerated time to value in addressing application integrations.

Our solution reduced order processing time from several days to just five minutes. Shopify and back-end systems are synced to avoid stockouts and back orders, and product availability and pricing is current, which ensures transparent shopping experiences for customers.

Why Perficient

Perficient is a Boomi Select Partner with deep expertise in key technologies that support IT modernization. Our expertise, coupled with Boomi’s innovative, cloud-native platform, delivers increased value, low cost of ownership, and drives better, faster outcomes for our clients.

Contact us today to explore options for elevating your business.

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