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Digital Transformation

Byte-7: Utilize your data via API to maximize the market presence

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Today organizations are transforming to adapt to the new market needs and expand the business. Every organization is looking to maximize its value by utilizing the most incredible asset called data. Some organizations don’t have the scale to build everything independently, which drives the need for partnership with other organizations to maximize the market presence and offerings.

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Exposing data for consumption by the consumers and partners plays a vital role in the fast delivery of product features and enables the customers’ self-service capabilities. (make data available for consumption = provide APIs for the consumers).

API Management role is an essential aspect as it addresses the below sections for designing, building, scalable and reliable solutions with robust security

APIs are proliferating. API lifecycle management approach provides a view of managing different stages in the life of an API (3C’s of an API lifecycle)

1) Create API’s – Design, Develop

2) Control API’s – Secure, Scale, Monitor

3) Consume API’s – Publish, Analyze

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