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Why Azure to Host Your Managed Services Solution

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You have been looking to move to the cloud and have decided that you need a managed service provider to assist you. Suddenly, before you make the move, you have more decisions to make. Who should your managed service provider be, and where should you host your solution on? In this blog, we will explore Microsoft Azure and its strengths as a managed services solution host.

Infrastructure and a Platform

While many other options either provide infrastructure or a platform, Azure can give you both IaaS and PaaS services. This makes Azure an adaptable option that can fit multiple needs that your IT team can have. Do you simply need someone to host your infrastructure, or will you also have developers working to deploy new features that can benefit from the platform? Azure has both of those covered for you.

Azure Can Make Development Easy

Focusing purely on the development side, Azure can make development easy with you. With the partnerships with other cloud vendors such as Red Hat, the development process can be simplified. On top of that, Azure itself has features such as infrastructure as code and Azure DevOps that make spinning up features simpler, while open source development on Azure continues to grow.

Azure’s Many Features

Azure comes with a whole range of capabilities and features that you might find useful. From leading data and analytics capabilities to features for security, compliance, and governance that tie in with M365, Azure can meet your needs through the large range of solutions that Microsoft can provide across its three clouds if you have Azure managed services.

New Features Are Always Coming

It isn’t just the features that already exists. Microsoft is continually releasing new features for Azure and across its three clouds as a whole. While these new developments might not always be appropriate for you, working with a single partner to provide managed services puts you in a position where you can take advantage of these new features as appropriate on Azure.

How We Can Help You

As a certified Azure Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we can help you focus on what you need to while hosting your solution on Azure. We deliver turnkey ISV solutions, custom applications, and fully managed cloud environments with 24/7 support and active monitoring on Azure infrastructure. Our MSP support comes in three tiers, meaning we can provide whatever level of support you require. To learn more about Microsoft capabilities, follow this link to the Microsoft section of our website.

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