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[Guide] The Value of Enterprise Search for Payers and Providers

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There is no denying that user-friendly enterprise search tools are key to customer satisfaction. But in healthcare, making the right choice in your digital search strategy can be challenging, given the wide range and complexity of search solutions in the marketplace.

When evaluating solutions, it’s important to keep the focus on the voice of the consumer, and in particular, the user’s behaviors and preferences as they experience your digital environment.

More and more healthcare payors and providers are moving beyond merely monitoring consumer actions and interactions, which produce mountains of analytical data to review. Instead, they are looking for enterprise search solutions that actively respond to user data in real time – allowing search tools to learn from user behaviors through artificial intelligence (AI) technology and promote the most relevant and current information to consumers with every interaction.

To learn more about the role of enterprise search at payer and provider organizations and the highlights from search project that we completed at a top-5 health insurer, you can click here or submit the form below.

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