Address Evolving Healthcare Challenges with Red Hat Cloud Solutions

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The Only Constant is Change

The healthcare landscape is continuously evolving and there is a lot to keep up with in order to be cutting-edge… or even just to stay current. New trends in healthcare such as value-based care, precision medicine, and consumerism mean that healthcare organizations need to adapt quickly and efficiently.

Healthcare organizations are looking to new technologies to enable them to address these challenges and continue delivering safe, quality patient care. For many healthcare organizations, utilizing the cloud is the answer.

Optimizing IT Infrastructures with Cloud

Cloud technology is and will remain a crucial piece of IT investment. Cloud provides a foundation for achieving digital transformation and implementing new, innovative technologies. The cloud enables enterprises of all sizes and across all industries to increase their capacity, go to market faster, and leverage built-in security and compliance features.

Healthcare organizations are making larger investments, especially in data analytics technologies. It takes the right strategy and the right partner to make those investments count.

Why Healthcare IT is Leveraging Red Hat

Red Hat cloud solutions offer consistent, enterprise-class environments that enable customers to bridge the physical and virtual environments of their data centers and public clouds. Red Hat offers a flexible, open IT infrastructure and enables quick adaptation to respond to change while simplifying IT and controlling costs.

Many top healthcare organizations are also leveraging Red Hat solutions to protect their sensitive patient data. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the leading open-source operating system that provides built-in security features to support the changing healthcare landscape. It offers a foundation from which you can scale existing apps and quickly roll out emerging technologies. When RHEL is combined with automation technology, healthcare organizations can automate security checks. It uses a HIPAA-specific profile to find vulnerabilities and immediately remediate any issues.Partner Red Hat Circle

Perficient Project Spotlight

For example, Perficient recently leveraged Red Hat OpenShift to deploy an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline and a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that improved the velocity of application delivery at a large healthcare payer. In addition to standing up the OpenShift platform. We also assisted in re-architecting several core sales and membership applications to demonstrate how to leverage the cloud-based architecture components. This allowed elastic scale within these applications and supported multi-tenant deployments for several applications.

Since implementing these capabilities and improving multiple processes, the organization decreased developer onboarding time and increased the speed-to-market of application development.

Looking to Accelerate Your Cloud Migration?

Leveraging our deep expertise in both cloud services and in healthcare, we assist organizations in strategizing, accelerating, migrating, and automating process and application delivery. We help you to move to market faster and to fully leverage Red Hat cloud solutions, such as Red Hat OpenShift an open, hybrid Platform-as-a-Service. It lets developers quickly host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud.

Perficient is a Red Hat Premier Partner. We help organizations drive strategic initiatives around cloud computing, DevOps, and enterprise integration solutions to ensure successful cloud implementation and migration projects. We have built a formal cloud migration and DevOps methodology based on our successful delivery of multiple large, mission-critical cloud applications.

Our consulting and technology expertise is founded on our best practices, reusable frameworks, and proven enablement methodology. A modern visionary approach to governance, architecture, and cloud migration. We provide services across a range of Red Hat solutions and products. Including cloud computing, cloud management and automation, middleware integration, and process automation solutions.

Want to Know More?

Learn more about how Perficient can support your Red Hat implementation on our Strategic Partner page. Or, explore Red Hat cloud solutions in Healthcare.

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