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Don’t Short Change Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Teams is an iceberg. When you look at an iceberg from a boat you only see what’s above the water. With Teams what you see is a simple looking chat interface that many see as the successor to Skype. It’s so much more than that. Like an iceberg, you’re only seeing what’s above the water, those items that are absolutely visible like chat, meeting, and calling capabilities.

You may even be aware that Teams supports storing files in SharePoint, but the collaboration bucket and the road map to the enterprise digital workplace has many other features. Rough estimates suggest there are over 1500 people working on Microsoft Teams. This is not just a simple chat app, this is a significant investment in the future of modern work.

Those comparing Microsoft Teams to WebEx Teams definitely are off their rocker, but even those who may say it was a copy cat for Slack are not understanding the monolithic efforts at Enterprise Collaboration 3.0 that are going on. It could be said that Teams is the flagship product leading Microsoft’s efforts in Digital Transformation more than Azure, SharePoint, Flow, PowerApps and beyond.

Even if you are now using Teams in a limited way, I challenge you to understand a bigger vision for Microsoft Teams. There’s productivity and digital transformation inside if you know how to unlock it.

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Teams

I’m excited to invite you to a Teams Event where we will drill into the strategy and planning for Teams.

During this workshop, our experts are partnering with experts from Microsoft to share the top considerations and best practices for leveraging Teams to build a modern workplace that drives teamwork and collaboration, along with change management to ensure end-user adoption and engagement.

Specific discussion topics include:

  • Developing Your Intelligent Workplace Vision and Strategy
  • How to Plan and Migrate Your Skype for Business to Teams
  • Microsoft IT’s Successful Migration of 200,000 Users to Teams
  • Measuring Adoption and Driving Success in Teams (PowerBI & tyGraph)
  • Teams Adoption Change Management & How Partnering with Perficient Creates Success

Where: Irvine Microsoft Technology Center – Microsoft Offices

When: Wednesday, October 23 9:00am-4:00pm

Space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

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