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Ideas to Promote Microsoft Teams User Adoption

In my last blog post, I highlighted key considerations for Microsoft Teams governance. In this post, I will recommend some strategies for promoting user adoption in Teams. Create a team for end-user support and community Any IT-focused Microsoft Teams rollout strategy can be problematic. Business unit buy-in is fundamental to the success of the platform from an […]

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Increase Productivity in Microsoft Teams with These Tips and Tricks

In my last blog post, I discussed common working styles with Teams and why it is important to understand which category your colleagues fall into. In this post, I will point out some tips and tricks to save time and promote collaboration in Microsoft Teams. Use Microsoft Teams features to minimize distractions Determining one’s signal-to-noise ratio is […]


Knowing Your Company’s Working Styles can Help with Teams Adoption

In my last blog post, I highlighted a few key points to consider for your Teams implementation. In this post, I will discuss common working styles with Teams and why it is important to understand which category your colleagues fall into. Understand your company’s working styles Not all users will interact with Microsoft Teams in the […]

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On the Sidelines About Microsoft Teams? Decide Today To Be All In!

Are you “All In” with Microsoft Teams? This phrase has become a common question we ask ourselves and others in today’s business vernacular. Years ago, the phrase “All In” was only used by people playing poker when they would bet all their chips on a single hand of cards. Today, the phrase is used to […]

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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint: “Teamify” Answers Office 365 Confusion

Microsoft Teams is hot. It increases collaboration and helps simplify the UX. It’s also the answer to many of your adoption and usage issues. Adoption change management is critical to your productivity success and for any Office 365 and Microsoft Teams deployment. Teams and SharePoint are better together. When create a Team for your existing […]

Don’t Short Change Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Teams is an iceberg. When you look at an iceberg from a boat you only see what’s above the water. With Teams what you see is a simple looking chat interface that many see as the successor to Skype. It’s so much more than that. Like an iceberg, you’re only seeing what’s above the water, […]

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Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive –Part 4 (Scale)

Welcome back to the final phase in your Teams Adoption! In this last phase we’ll be bringing everything you’ve learned thus far and apply it to support the broad scale enablement of Teams into your organization! In order to do this properly, you should follow these steps: Define outcomes and successes Optimize feedback and reporting […]

Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 3 (Experiment)

Welcome back! In the last blog article of this series we discussed how to get started with your Microsoft Teams adoption phase which included gathering your team, setting up your team, and starting to use Teams. In this article we’ll be discussing the experimentation of using Microsoft Teams. As a best practice, Microsoft recommends that […]

Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 2 (Start)

Welcome back! In Part 1 of this series we discussed an overview of what the new Teams Adoption Hub was and how the hub is broken down into three different adoption phases: Start Experiment Scale Of those three adoption phases mentioned above, today we’ll be focusing on adoption phase 1 (Start), which includes gathering your […]


Teams Adoption Hub – Deep Dive — Part 1 (Overview)

Hot off the presses! Microsoft just released a new Teams Adoption Hub which basically simplifies your deployment and adoption process for Microsoft Teams as well as other Office 365 workloads! If you were unable to check out some of the content from Ignite, they actually covered a session about the Office 365 adoption framework in which they […]