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Don’t Short Change Your Microsoft Teams Deployment

Teams is an iceberg. When you look at an iceberg from a boat you only see what’s above the water. With Teams what you see is a simple looking chat interface that many see as the successor to Skype. It’s so much more than that. Like an iceberg, you’re only seeing what’s above the water, […]

How to Embed a PowerApp into SharePoint

11/27/17 UPDATE: The PowerApps team has finally rolled out the ability to update a lists default form with PowerApps. Though this post focuses on embedding in general, check out the walk through I did on how to customize the list form here Since PowerApps has gone into General Availability six months ago, I’ve been patiently waiting to hear […]

Why governing Yammer vs. SharePoint represents an about-face

Yesterday may have been Ground Hog Day, but unlike the movie, I’m happy to report no time loop (although there was a lot of snow for some of us). Aside from the freshly fallen snow, there was also fresh new content over on CMSWire, thanks in part to my colleague Rich Wood and his article […]

Enterprise Collaboration and Digital Transformation

@lizasisler pointed me to an interesting article on about the need for digital transformation and how you get there. The answer is of course that you need to break down silos and enterprise collaboration tools will help……. along with cultural change and executive support.  See my deeper color commentary over at Perficient’s Microsoft Blog.

Will Enterprise Collaboration Drive Digital Transformation? has an article titled, “Enterprise Collaboration Will Drive Digital Transformation“.  Perhaps a more descriptive but longer title would be, “Digital Transformation Will Happen But Those Who Succeed Will Collaborate Across The Enterprise”  It’s not the catchiest title of course.  However, it highlights how to make any transformation successful.  The author, Matt Kapko, notes “The CIO […]

Connected Health Trend Countdown: #9 The Connected Enterprise

On Tuesday we launched our Top 10 Trends Countdown with #10: M&A Meets Consumer Engagement. Today we reveal the next trend, which is: Trend #9: The Connected Enterprise As mentioned earlier this week, Connected Health is defined as the care provided to patients when they are not within the clinical care setting. Now I’m talking […]