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Scaling Your Contact Center for Unexpected Volume

Imagine this: your company launches a sales promotion. Customer contact revs up higher than expected, and the phones are ringing off the hook with customer calls. Your customer care team is working hard to address each call in a timely manner, but volume is too high to efficiently maintain.

Most businesses have experienced a situation like this. Several events such as response to a promotion, an emergency situation, or unexpected website issues can create unexpected demand from customer care functions. Consumers today expect speedy customer care, even in times of high contact volume. Preparing for unexpected customer demand with traditional contact centers can be costly and time consuming.

Amazon Web Services - Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect
Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect

Learn the six most common pitfalls when upgrading your contact center, and how Amazon Connect can help you avoid them.

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Enter On Demand Standby Contact Center with Amazon Connect.

A Proactive Contact Center Solution

Our On Demand Standby Contact Center offering, using Amazon Connect provides you with the ability to scale your contact center quickly. This solution allows you to integrate with other systems, provide self-service options, incorporate agent assist, and include on-demand training for efficient onboarding of new agents. The best part? Maintenance costs when not in use are low-cost and free in some cases.

Utilizing our On Demand Standby Contact Center offering provides you with great key benefits.

  • Ensure your customers receive immediate, high-quality responses – even when customer demand suddenly increases
  • Maintain the On Demand Standby Contact Center with little to no cost when not in use
  • Leverage the high reliability and security from a leading cloud provider
  • Mirror any necessary functionality you have in a primary contact center
  • Reduce costs when rapidly scaling up customer service with agent assist and self-service options
  • Eliminate confusion when switching thanks to an intuitive interface and quick-start agent training

Partnering with Perficient

This comprehensive On Demand offering ensures your organization and contact center agents will receive support from concept to training. Our experts are dedicated to planning and executing a solution to fit your organization’s needs. We include needs assessment, elastic standby instance build, AWS system integration, activation plan, and agent training with our On Demand Standby Contact Center offering, using Amazon Connect.

  • Needs assessment – During this discovery phase, our experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your organization. The teams will identify current production, potential rapid-response scenarios, and key business needs. This information will be used to create design and implementation plan.
  • Elastic standby instance build – Next, our experts will configure instances of Amazon Connect. At this point, call flows and other configurations can be activated. If needed immediately, your agents can begin taking calls within minutes.
  • AWS system integration – Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we possess expertise in several AWS systems. Maximize the functionality of your contact center by integrating additional AWS offerings. Seamlessly add features such as custom reporting, self-service tasks, and CRM integration.
  • Activation plan – When a standby instance is needed, you will want a plan to capture any tasks that need to be completed. We will work with you to customize a step-by-step plan to eliminate any confusion for employees.
  • Agent Training – Self-service video training provides agents with support on Amazon Connect. Whether training is needed for onboarding or agents used to another interface, these training videos make the adoption process a smooth transition.

Throughout the entire process, you are in good hands with our contact center experts. For more information on our expertise with Amazon Connect, click here.

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