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Intelligent Security Graph

Intelligent Security Graph

(Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions, Part 3)

Advanced AI analytics mining a centralized data-lake of unique threat indicators with real-time telemetry.

Here, Part 3 of my blog series covers Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and how it uses advanced analytics to break the silos of security data points spread across most organizations, combining them into a cohesive security fabric. I also explain how the graph provides a platform for integrated security solutions everyone can benefit from. This builds on my previous cybersecurity blogs covering Microsoft Secure Score (Part 1) and Microsoft Defender ATP (Part 2).

What is Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph?

This cohesive “data fabric” presents security data points as security patterns. This allows security professionals to make connections within Graph from various sources of security alerts and telemetry. These silos of data are then connected and analyzed for behavioral patterns that might indicate cyberattacks.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph is the only single repository and single endpoint security API with access to a living dataset of billions of data points. Many different industry partners, each with their own industry specialty and focus, report telemetry and unique security signals to Intelligent Security Graph. Everyone connected benefits from the combined effects of massive datasets that are provided, thereby facilitating machine learning and behavioral analytics. As a result, Microsoft is uniquely positioned as a software, identity, and email provider to see cyberattacks in variations and scale that no one can match.

Layer on top the curated analysis of Advanced Persistent Threat Actors, their methods, and common vectors / styles of attack, and you now have a fighting chance at winning the next cyberbattle while continuing to raise the cost of attacks, effectively deterring all but the most determined foe.

Identity-Centric Solution That Is Continually Learning

Identity is key to securing the new frontier of multi-cloud / hybrid environments.

The modern workplace is removing traditional network boundaries and expanding your environmental attack surface to new devices, users, applications, and platforms. Further, the traditional network-centric security model is being replaced with identity-centric security, one that demands a tightly integrated security platform.

Microsoft Security Graph API provides that single endpoint integration and is the platform that all modern cybersecurity will be built on.

Unified Front Against Cyberthreats

Microsoft created the Intelligent Security Association in direct response to the need to unify the security front, not just at Microsoft, but for all cybersecurity, to combat the ever-greater threat coming in ever-greater volume. This security intelligence can be shared amongst industry partners as well as you, the end user, with real-time access to this living dataset.

So now, you can build custom solutions and portals using a single endpoint API and gain the ability to mine that data with AI backed behavioral analytics, and you can make connections that only a well-seasoned AI / ML algorithm can find.

Becoming a platform company for the world to build the next generation of solutions is Microsoft’s stated goal for 2020 and beyond, and a first-generation offering is Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

The Scale of Microsoft Security:

  • 5 Billion Threats Blocked per Month
  • 470 Billion Emails Analyzed per Month
  • 630 Billion Authentications per Month
  • 1.2 Billion Devices Updated per Month
  • 18 Billion + Bing Page Scans per Month
  • 3500+ Security Professionals on Staff

The Intelligent Security Association Partnership exists to group partner companies into 4 areas of focus:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Protection
  • Threat Protection
  • Security Management

Additional Resources:

  • Watch a brief video about this Intelligent Security Association HERE.
  • Read more about Intelligent Security Graph HERE.

Microsoft Security Solutions Backed by Intelligent Security Graph

Microsoft has a full suite of security services to protect modern enterprises, now and in the future. Each component leverages the power of Intelligent Security Graph by incorporating the latest, most up-to-date information regarding cybersecurity to protect your environment from today’s version of cyberattack.

Intelligent Security Graph plus Secure Score, and the 30/60/90/beyond roadmap that leads to a more secure environment, will help all organizations achieve a strong and resilient security posture in the fast-paced world of cybercrime.

Start taking advantage of Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and other cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions by contacting Perficient today.

What’s next…

Read more about on-premises protection for your domain controllers in my next blog about Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

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