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Gregory Hall

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Intelligent Security Graph

Intelligent Security Graph

(Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions, Part 3) Advanced AI analytics mining a centralized data-lake of unique threat indicators with real-time telemetry. Here, Part 3 of my blog series covers Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and how it uses advanced analytics to break the silos of security data points spread across most organizations, combining them into a cohesive […]


Microsoft Defender ATP

(Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions, Part 2) Data Breach and Endpoint Protection This blog on Microsoft Defender ATP is Part 2 of my 3-part series covering Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions. Part 1 covers the Microsoft Secure Score service, explaining the world’s current cybersecurity environment and how Microsoft Secure Score helps organizations to identify their Office 365 […]

Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions

Part 1 – Microsoft Secure Score 56 Security Actions You Can Take Today to Improve Your Security Posture Microsoft has been investing substantially in security and compliance since 2004, and today that investment protects all Microsoft products, but none more so than Office 365 and Azure. One shining culmination of that investment is Microsoft Secure […]