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A Doze of Agile-Dopamine to Your Team

My first doze of Agile-Dopamine

A corporate training session introduced me to an Agile team. Their actions challenged the myths about many traditional corporate practices. Sampling some of their actions:

  • The team was a mixed group of technical and non-technical members including the Business head. I realized they understood the need for cross-functionality, transparency and top-down approach LITERALLY.
  • The training was for 3 full days and the trainees were provided with coffee/tea and biscuits in the morning and evening. On the first day, there was lot of confusion on the count of coffees and teas and we managed with whatever was available. (I can relate it too well with a waterfall project delivery).
  • The next day the agile team passed a paper before the morning coffee/tea break, wherein all trainees marked their coffee/tea preference. This sheet was passed to the pantry for better outcome. I realized they practice team work and customer collaboration and would not let the customer manage with whatever was available.
  • The third day was even better. The preference sheet was filled, but in direct counts. The pantry guy was a bit late to collect the sheet. Guess what: The Business head personally passed the sheet to the pantry. I realized their value for time, mutual respect, scrum-mastership, change adaption, continuous improvement.

That’s when I got my first doze of Agile-Dopamine. I wanted to work with that Agile team badly, my wish got full-filled and now I am!

More Agile-Dopamine

This Agile-Dopamine is achievable through Agile mindset. From the day I joined this Agile team, I have been slowly/steadily developing this Agile mindset.

What is Agile mindset?

An agile mindset is the set of attitudes supporting an agile working environment. 

How am I developing my Agile Mindset?

I relate my day-to-day activities with Agile projects.

I try to prioritize my tasks, multi-task, reduce wait time, deliver in small increments, separate dependent and independent tasks and try to complete the independent tasks first, so that value for time and the output value are high.

Nurturing Agile mind-set in your team

Though a bit hard in the beginning, once the Agile mind-set is triggered it is both addictive and contagious.

My prescription for your team’s Agile mind-set includes the following:

  • Encouraging Mutual respect, Team work and Transparency
  • Ensuring Value for Time
  • Promoting effective Cross-functionality, Customer Collaboration, Change Adaption
  • Reflecting Continuous Improvement through inspection and adaption

This Agile doze is beneficial and good for your team’s health….Lets get Agile-Dopamined! Let our actions proclaim, “We live Agile!”


Thoughts on “A Doze of Agile-Dopamine to Your Team”

  1. Sunil Inaganti

    Good explanation with practical situation. Your way of conveying is really good, Gayathri.

  2. I loved the way you conveyed the Agile mindset. Keep sharing such good blogs Gayathri.

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