Introducing AEM Dialog Editor

Recently, my colleagues and I discussed frustration with the editing process for AEM dialogs. You have to edit the dialog XML, sync it, and preview it on an AEM page. One idea discussed was having a tool to edit AEM dialogs within AEM and how beneficial that would be for us. I thought it was a great idea and decided to implement it! So, here it is:

Introducing AEM Dialog Editor

See the repository for the code and install package.

I’ve made a Feature Review Issue for this with ACS Commons.


Edit Dialog XML in the browser. Dialog is refreshed on save.

Edit Dialog XML in the browser

Component Dialog SuperType Lookup and Update

Then, it will show all the sling:resourceSuperTypes of the current dialog’s components and give you the ability to switch to any of them and make updates.
Component Dialog SuperType Lookup and Update

Dialog Search

Finally, it will search for dialogs under /apps to be edited with the Dialog Editor.
Dialog Search
And that’s it! Give it a shot, and don’t forget to star the repo!


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