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Perficient Digital Labs Combines Virtual Reality with… Reality

Portrait Of Young Students With Vr Goggles In A Library.

Always at the forefront of agile and innovative technology and design, our Perficient Digital Labs team recently set its sights on the following question:
What if you could share a VR experience with someone without actually being in VR yourself?
The team wanted to expand the typically solitary VR experience to include players and components set in reality. Dan Thompson, Director of Emerging Experiences, explained the exercise and its results.

Perficient Digital Labs’ designers and developers prototyped three different scenarios to explore ways that the real world could be brought into the virtual world. From these exercises, both groups gained knowledge of concepts that apply to VR: software development, interaction design, IoT concepts, and hardware prototyping. We call the results ContactVR

Check out the video below to see the three prototypes – designed for entertainment, educational, and industrial applications – in action.

To learn more about Perficient Digital Labs, the three prototypes, and ContactVR, read Dan’s original post.

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