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How To Create a Custom Stream Cadence For a Nurture in Marketo

Let’s say you want to create a custom stream cadence for your nurture in Marketo. Instead of sending your emails every Tuesday at 9:00 am, you’d like to vary the number of days between email sends. To demonstrate how this would work, we’re going to walk you through how to set up a custom stream cadence that sends on this schedule:

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Set stream cadence

  • Set repeats: Weekly
  • First Cast: The day you launch
  • Every: 1 Week
  • On: Days of Week
  • Time: Desired Time


Step 2: Create cadence management campaigns

Find the time interval patterns. In this example, there are 2 patterns: 2 days apart and 1 day apart.
Example email cadence pattern
With the cadence set to daily, the only pause campaign that needs to be created is the 2 days apart.

Step 3: Pause Email 1 and 3: Smart Campaign Smart List

This campaign manages when leads will qualify for the next send.  Thus, it will be responsible for pausing the lead so it doesn’t qualify for tomorrow’s send.  Rather, the day after tomorrow.
Here is how you would set up the smart list for Email 1.

Email is Delivered: Email 1
Email 1 qualifies because it is the email before the 2 day interval.
Member of Program: Program Name; Cadence is set to Normal
This filter is important if you are using the emails elsewhere.  We want to ensure the leads are only paused if they receive the email within the nurture.
Now, repeat these steps in a separate campaign for Email 3.

Step 4: Pause Email 1 and 3: Flow

This flow step will pause them for 30 hours.  Thus, will not allow the lead to qualify for tomorrow’s send. Build this flow in each of your smart campaigns for Email 1 and Email 3.
Example flow
Flow step three will look to see if the lead has been qualified to be removed from the nurture in the past 30 hours (i.e. MQL, Added to Opportunity, or data hygiene issues).  If it has, the lead will be removed from flow.  If not, the send cadence will be set to normal and the lead will qualify for the next days’ send.
Example flow step three

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