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Engagement Cloud: 5 Key Productivity Tools for Service Requests

Oracle Engagement Cloud is a unified Sales and Service application that enables your agents to play a blended role while serving customers and partners.

Service Request (SR) Management is the core functional area in Engagement Cloud with respect to Service offering and it comes with several advanced features. There are many productivity tools embedded into Service Request screens to boost your agent’s productivity and maintain consistent responses across various service channels while interacting with customers.

In this blog, we are going to explore the top 5 productivity tools that are available for service requests.

1. Severity color coding

You can color code different severity levels for the service requests to quickly identify the severity.  You can easily enable or disable this feature by configuring the profile option using setup task.

Below is a sample Service Request List screen shows the service request severity field in color code based on the above setup.

Source: Oracle Engagement Cloud R13 Demo instance

2. Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keyboard keys that can be used to quickly access actions and buttons on the service request screens. Keyboard shortcuts help agents to execute commands and actions quickly by reducing the number of keystrokes.

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts that are provided with Engagement Cloud.

Action commands are task actions that you can do on the service request such as create response, add internal note, assign service request to yourself, update, etc.

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The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts provided with Engagement Cloud.

3. SR Audit

The Audit History subtab in Service Request page displays the history of service request field changes from the time they are created. A Complete Audit history view provided to search and track service request field changes throughout the service request life cycle.

Source: Oracle Engagement Cloud R13 Demo instance

4. SmartText

A SmartText entry is a reusable fragment of text that you can insert in response messages and fields.

Source: Oracle Engagement Cloud R13 Demo instance

The administrator can create shared SmartText entries that can be used by all users in their service requests.
You can define where to save the SmartText, insert variables in the entry and choose to share the SmartText by the following options:
• Always: Select this option to make the SmartText entry available to users at all times.
• Interval: Select this option and define the period during which this entry is available to users;
• Disabled: Select this option to disable the SmartText entry and now display it in the shared folders for the users.

You can find more details on the SmartText feature on our previous blog.

5. Knowledge

Knowledge feature in Engagement Cloud provides an organized access to the information about your company’s products and services.

Knowledge panel displays the list of knowledge articles within a service request to help agents find and use the appropriate details. In Service Request page, knowledge search runs automatically based on the keywords of the title field.

Source: Oracle Engagement Cloud R13 Demo instance, Oracle Partner Resources

The recommended articles tab displays the results of the automatic search. The Search tab allows Agents to refine or filter an auto-search or even conduct a new search.

External customers can access knowledge base for themselves using Digital Customer Service. They can conduct standard text search or browse using products/category selection.

If you are interested in exploring more about Digital Customer Service feature, please visit our blog.


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