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[Guide] Amplify the Power of Amazon Connect

Learn 7 Ways to Go Beyond the Basic Contact Center

When it comes to customer care centers, it doesn’t get much easier than Amazon Connect. With Amazon Connect, there is no need to design complicated architecture or deploy servers, no need to commit to a multi-year contract, and your agents can answer calls from any web browser.

Getting started is simple, and the best part is that “simple” does not mean “limited.” Originally developed to support Amazon’s own customer care centers, Amazon Connect is developed from the ground up on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means you can easily harness multiple Amazon services to deliver personalized, unique customer experiences and expand functionality in ways that would seem daunting with most other contact center providers – all while being able to scale up or down within minutes.

In this guide, we’ll explore seven ways to expand beyond the basic features of Amazon Connect, allowing you to fully leverage the power of AWS and the cloud.

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