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Sales Setup Assistant: Speed Up Oracle Sales Cloud Implementation

Recently, Oracle updated Sales Setup Assistant utility that will speed up your initial Oracle Sales Cloud (OSC) implementation by automating core setup tasks. Sales Setup Assistant is a wizard-driven client-side utility with user-friendly interface currently available on windows platform.

The Sales Setup Assistant utility is designed to gather minimal input on the core sales setup tasks through guided page flows and execute the core setup tasks required for initial onboarding and set the instance ready for importing data using the Quick Import Macros.

Sales Setup Assistant tools will ensure that you have completed all the initial setup tasks before proceeding with customization and setup configuration for your business. This utility is designed for one-time execution in a new Oracle Sales Cloud environment prior to doing any setup, customization or even enabling a sandbox.

Gather Customer Inputs

Sales Setup Assistant utility comes with a spreadsheet template to gather input from the customer which can easily then be entered using the utilities guided page flow. See below a portion of the template.

Access Initialization

Upon login (with your user credentials sent by Oracle) to the Sales Setup Assistant, the utility gathers key attributes from your new OSC environment. Also, add necessary job roles like Sales Administrator and Sales Analyst application roles to the logged in user. The collected key attributes will be used in guided pages for setup tasks.

Guided Pages for Core Setup Tasks

Sales Setup Assistant collects inputs required for setup tasks pertaining to Getting Started Setup Tasks included in an implementation project.

Oracle - Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud
Guide to Oracle Cloud: 5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Move to the Cloud

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Get the Guide

With guided pages, you will not have to navigate between Setup and Maintenance work area to search and locate Initial Setup Tasks which could be time-consuming and will definitely require some level of knowledge of setup tasks and profile options to configure.

Below table is an overview of guided pages for core setup tasks and the inputs required to complete the tasks.

All options are selected by default since they are required/recommended setup for OSC but you can deselect any options which are not mandatory for initial setup.

Enterprise Scheduled Service (ESS) Jobs

Sales Setup Assistant tool automatically schedule and activate related ESS jobs for you during the initial setup process.

Overall the execution of Initial setup tasks takes about 30-40 minutes to complete based on the selections you have chosen. Import Geography data may take longer to complete.

Exception Handling

If any issues encountered during the execution, it will be marked as FAILED and the execution will continue with the next task. You can rectify the issue and re-execute that step. Detailed log files are generated in the log folder.

Once the utility completed the execution, you can login to your new Oracle Sales Cloud instance and verify the application.


Sales Setup Assistant tool will definitely help companies to expedite the initial on-boarding setup tasks and prepare the new Oracle Sales Cloud instance ready for customization and data imports.

With Sales Setup Assistant,  you will never miss any required setup for OSC deployments.



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