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4 Ways Digital Transformation Works with the Cloud

In today’s digital economy, enterprises face disruption by innovative business models and new players in the established industries. With multi-channel experiences the norm, many consumers have little patience for organizations who drop the ball on their customer service and product initiatives. More so, with more options on the market than ever and the search engine infrastructure available, switching to another solution is hardly a challenge at all.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with a variety of customers in varying industries who’ve succeeded with digital transformation. Within each of their success stories is a specific focus on a modern innovation, whether it’s DevOps, cloud, or digital experience. As we head deeper into the Fall season and look towards the next year, here are some stories to consider:

Theme #1: Agile Innovation

Healthcare transformation and DevOps are key pieces of the puzzle today, especially as baby boomers continue to age. Such was the story of one of our clients, a leading healthcare provider looking to accelerate development. Through IBM UrbanCode Deploy, they were able to automate many of their processes, accelerating healthcare outcomes.

Theme #2: Data Integration

Real estate is traditionally a slower moving industry and adopts new technology at a slower rate. Nonetheless, adjustments need to be made, especially as millennials enter the housing market. This was the challenge of one of our clients, a leading home developer in the Southeast United States. Working with us, they were able to update their legacy infrastructure and prepare for a future in the cloud.

Theme #3: Storage

Education is another industry that has been slowly adjusting to cloud, with many institutions designing online curriculum over the past few years. With educational materials no longer confined to textbooks and paper, institutions need to storage solution that is dependable and affordable. We helped one of our clients, a leading online education platform, migrate to the cloud and adopt modern eCommerce solutions so they can further expand their industry-leading capabilities.

Theme #4: Competitive Advantage

One of the fastest changing industries today is media and entertainment. With digital transformation creating new avenues to consume and react to media, traditional media giants need to pivot or face extinction. We helped one of our clients, a leading North American media conglomerate, avoid extinction through the implementation of IBM UrbanCode Deploy, which helped the organization develop applications faster and accelerate their go-to-market against smaller, scrappier media startups.

With these themes in mind, innovation becomes a priority in even the most traditional of organizations. As consumer tastes become more demanding, it’s only appropriate that pivots be made – or the risk of irrelevance becomes more present.

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Albert Qian

Albert Qian is a Marketing Manager at Perficient for our IBM PCS, DevOps, and Enterprise Solutions Partners focused on cloud computing technologies.

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