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Four Steps to Prepare for Your Magento 2 Upgrade – Part 1

If your existing digital commerce site runs on Magento 1.x, then the thought of upgrading may seem overwhelming. For merchants considering this upgrade, the inherent concern is that the transition comes at a higher price.
However, with strategic and thoughtful planning of your move, you will reduce cost, mitigate risk, and maintain business continuity. This blog series outlines the four steps you’ll need to take to prepare for the upgrade.

Step 1: Take Inventory of Your Current Implementation

An eCommerce implementation is an evolution. It’s never truly finished. To remain competitive, you know you must stay on top of commerce trends by introducing the latest capabilities and functionality that will keep customers engaged. Over time, these additional capabilities increase the footprint and overall complexity of your implementation.
Before upgrading to a major platform release, you first need to review your current state from the perspective of user experience, configuration, customization, and extensions.
The table shown is Perficient Digital’s Factory Upgrade model for Magento 2. It provides guidance on how best to classify your upgrade into three different categories – Simple, Medium, and Complex. At a glance, you can see the major factors that influence project scope, cost, and effort to take into consideration as you plan your upgrade.

Magento 2 Factory Upgrade approach by Perficient Digital

Learn more about how to prepare for your Magento 2 upgrade in our guide, The Ultimate Magento 2 Upgrade Checklist: Four Steps to a Successful Move.
Included within the guide is a comprehensive, actionable checklist to help you through the process that will keep your project on track while allowing you to reap the benefits of out-of-the-box features at a budget-friendly cost.
Or, if you’re ready to make the move to Magento 2, contact us for a personalized assessment. You’ll receive:

  • An understanding of how Magento 2 will help your business
  • An evaluation of your existing Magento site, including site performance, high-severity issues, and missing Magento patches
  • Diagnostic tools to estimate time and resources needed to upgrade


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