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Learning Opportunity: Webinar on Maximo HSE Manager; July 14

As part of the Maximo Friday webinars, one of the next sessions will discuss the Industry add-on called Health, Safety & Environmental Manager (HSE). It’s not just for Oil & Gas clients, others can use it too.  This add-on can help you identify and manage operational risk within your organizational work.

Previous versions of IBM Maximo Asset Management included a Safety module used to define hazards / precautions, hazardous materials and tag out/lock out. Probably only a few of y’all implemented this capability. Many years the Maximo Oil and Gas Industry Solution add-on was released because so many clients were looking for capabilities beyond the existing Maximo Safety module. After several releases IBM introduced additional capabilities the Oil and Gas add-on to support incident management / investigation, risk assessment, management of change (MOC), continuous improvement and organizational learning.

Now available in it’s own add-on solution for Maximo; Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager provides enterprises with best practices for improving safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations. It’s objective is to reduce overall risk in operating environments.

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This session will describe how an existing Maximo customer is using the applications and processes provided in Maximo HSE Manager in their day-to-day operations to identify risks/problem and implement action plans to remove/mitigate them.

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The session is scheduled for July 14, 2017 @ 11-12PM EST.  The agenda for the session includes:

  • Overview of the Maximo Health, Safety and Environment Manager Add-On
  • Learn how PowerGen Trinidad is using Incidents, Investigations and MOCs, to identify issues, discover root causes and implement controlled change plans using Maximo HSE functionality

Your presenters are:

Ian Ramsingh Power Generation Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd
Operations & Maintenance Technology Specialist

Kyle Harding IBM Sr. Designer Architect
Analytics: Internet of Things (IoT)

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