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Why You Need A B2B Omni-channel Digital Strategy

What’s one of the biggest turn-offs for today’s digitally savvy customers? Fragmented buying experiences. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C buyer, the path to purchase is no longer linear and offline. In fact, there’s an increasing expectation for a seamless experience across all channels and interactions.
Decreasing service costs is one of the primary motivations for migrating B2B customers online. However, you may have not realized additional benefits of doing this, such as higher engagement levels, increased spending, reduced retention costs, and increased customer loyalty.

51% of B2B digital professionals said omni-channel customers increased spending in the past year1

As an experienced marketer or merchandiser, you know that delivering an effective omni-channel journey is both an art and a science. It requires a deft combination of data, technology, and common sense.
Today’s B2B buyers are comfortable with self-serve and full-service buying channels both online and offline. According to Forrester, they are most comfortable in the middle ground between the two in a “hybrid,” omni-channel centric buying world (Figure 1).

This hybrid option allows B2B buyers to obtain answers quickly from self-service processes, such as questions via chat bots, email, knowledge repositories (FAQ), and click-to-call. And, for purchases that require more consultation or custom configuration, they can contact a sales rep or CSR with access to configure price quote, quote-to-cash, and sales-enablement technologies that expedite full-service sales.
Bottom line: a fragmented and poorly integrated brand presence confuses your customers, is difficult to manage, and ultimately leaves revenue on the table. Your customers only see a single brand and expected a unified experience. When they don’t get it, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere.
Does this describe your current situation? If so, then it’s time to digitally transform your business. Read our latest guide, Transforming the Digital Experience for B2B Commerce, to understand:

  • The impact of digital on B2B sales channels
  • The importance of integrated content and commerce in B2B
  • The path to converging content and commerce

1 “The Case for Omni-channel B2B,” Forrester

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