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What Happens Post DevOps Deployment?

The stardom and emphasis of DevOps results in industry experts focusing on continuous innovation, which includes automation, deployment, integration, and planning. After all, these key pieces help the business grow and scale in crowded and competitive markets.

Nevertheless, with that said, what happens post-deployment?

DevOps and Facilitating Connected Experiences

The most important part of the DevOps process is delivery. However, what good is delivery if you are not also continuously monitoring and managing operations?  As one contributor explains on, a practice that has been gaining traction is the Rotating Roster method, which consists of:

  • Resolving customer issues
  • Knowledge transfer and learning to address attrition
  • Feedback system to suggest features for next releases
  • Broken silos
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A member of the team then logs and communicates this information into an internal collaboration system to facilitate continuous improvement. At the conclusion of each Rotating Roster period, the team then:

  • Automates any tasks involved, including the writing of scripts and programs.
  • Delegates any tasks to the right members of the team to minimize effort. These delegations stand in place for all future tasks as well.
  • Mitigates the reason for the request, including root cause of the outage.

Many of these actions are helpful as organizations adapt digital transformation and connected experiences practices. Leadership must place the customer front and center alongside key considerations for optimizing and scaling DevOps best practices. Without teamwork from both sides, innovation is difficult to achieve.

What do you think? Does this describe how you approach your DevOps philosophies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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