New Patch & Update For Siebel IP2016...And A Few Words On IP2017
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New Patch & Update For Siebel IP2016…And A Few Words On IP2017

While we are waiting with bated breath for Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP2017), Oracle managed to sneak in a patch release for IP2016. Here is how you can find version 16.10 on the “My Oracle Support” site:

Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP2017)

Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 (IP2017)

Side Note: I attended an IP2017 dog-and-pony show last week and saw a lot of goodies for everyone. But, perhaps the most notable headline from the presentation was that the new version will ship without Siebel Tools and everything will be browser-based. We’ll discuss that in more detail in a later blog and during our upcoming webinar called “Risks & Rewards of Upgrading to the Latest Version of Siebel CTMS.” Feel free to register!

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