Year in Review: Your Favorite Adobe Blog Posts of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on all the insights shared on the new Adobe partner blog. Let’s recap the most-read posts for the year:

10 | Protecting Your Adobe Analytics Implementation from Start to End

Review the list of tools that can make your life easier when auditing your Adobe Analytics and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) implementations.

9 | One Visitor ID to Rule Them All

Learn how the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID service (AMCV ID) allows you to connect visitor profiles across Adobe Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager.

8 | Start AEM Automatically Using SystemD

Learn how to modify or create a system.d init script that will work with Adobe Experience Manager.

7 | Managing AEM Packages from the CLI

See how the AEM Package Manager helps you manage scripts from the command line – with real-life examples of next steps once the script is installed.

6 | Adobe Summit: Integrating Adobe DTM, Target, Analytics, & AEM

Overview from Perficient Digital’s session at Adobe Summit where our team showcased their expertise to build an app (in real time) using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

5 | Clearing AEM’s JSP Cache in Your Jenkins Build

Learn how you can quickly and easily clear your JPS cache in Adobe Experience Manager by following a few simple steps.

4 | New Invaluable Translation Features in AEM 6.2

Prior to the launch of Adobe Experience Manager 6.2, Adobe released a number of interesting updates to AEM’s translation feature to improve the user experience.

3 | AEM Mobile Part 1: A Fresh Approach to Mobile Apps

Review a glimpse of Adobe Experience Manager Mobile to see the technology behind this new platform.

2 | Are You Ready for AT.js?

A review of the latest features in Adobe Target and the benefits of AT.js client library.

1 | Five Steps to Delight Customers with Personalization in AEM and Target

Adobe simplified the authoring of personalized content in the latest release of Adobe Experience Manager. See how this improved AEM / Target integration will be a big win for Adobe customers.
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