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Vertex Exchange – Upgrading Oracle from 11i to R12

One of the sessions which I attended at the Vertex Exchange Conference covered the upgrade of Oracle EBS from version 11i to version R12 – mostly from a tax perspective.  Some very good points were made, comparing and contrasting the differences in how tax is processed between 11i and R12, the design and limitations of eBTax and the integration of Oracle to Vertex O Series using the Vertex tax links.  One important area which was not discussed is that the Nascent Tax Links are still available and can be used when integrating Vertex O Series with Oracle R12.

Over 10 years ago, as Nascent Systems, we developed tax links which were used to integrate Oracle 11i with Vertex O Series. Based on the success of the 11i Nascent Tax Links, Vertex licensed the links and provided them for all their clients needing to integrate Vertex O Series with Oracle 11i.  Much of the design used in R12 was initially created for the 11i integration and they have a proven, quality design.  If you’re on the Vertex tax links in Oracle 11i, the Tax Link processes which are defined and used in Oracle all start with the letters “NTL”.  NTL stands for “Nascent Tax Links” and that’s us!  Perficient acquired Nascent Systems in 2012, but the same implementation and support group is still in place and we still specialize in integrating Oracle EBS with Vertex O Series.

An R12 version of the same Nascent tax links is available and can be used either when upgrading from Oracle 11i to R12, or for new R12 implementations.  Much of the basic design used in R12 was initially created for the 11i integration.  The 11i tax link design was enhanced to work in R12.  Because the tax link design for R12 is consistent with the 11i tax link design, upgrades from 11i to R12 are simpler when the client continues to use the Nascent Tax Links.  Using other links such as the newly developed R12 Vertex links means that a full re-implementation will be needed during the R12 upgrade.  That adds complexity and risk to the R12 upgrade.  Perficient is an Oracle Platinum partner.  We also do full Oracle EBS implementations and upgrades. If the client’s tax requirements are simple and can be met with Oracle’s E-Business Tax (eBTax) module, we have the background and expertise to configure eBTax to meet those requirements.  For straightforward AR tax requirements we can implement Vertex Q Series and integrate it to Oracle using the Oracle provided interface and processes.  And as mentioned above, we can implement Vertex O Series for either upgrades or new R12 implementations.

If you’re still planning to upgrade from Oracle 11i and R12 and especially if you are already using Vertex as your third-party tax calculation engine in 11i, please let us know.  We can educate and inform you of the many R12 taxing changes and requirements.  We can also explain how Perficient can make the tax portion of the Oracle R12 upgrade go as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

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