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Rise Feature Showcase – Content Translation

The Rise product team has been hard at work on a number of new features that we will be showcasing at the Microsoft Ignite conference coming up September 26-30th in Atlanta, GA. I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak of some of these new features in the Rise Feature Showcase. In this episode of the Rise Feature Showcase we will highlight the Content Translation capability of Rise.
It is increasingly common for companies both large and small to work across international boundaries with not all employees speaking a common language. This can create a cultural divide within an organization: often intranet content is created in multiple languages or each country operated in a separate dedicated intranet. On the Rise team, we believe in a unified intranet approach and that language should not be a barrier to collaboration. With the Rise Content Translation feature teams can now have content automatically translated to their native language.
Rise provides the ability to instantly translate the content of your intranet to any of 50+ supported languages. Rise leverages the Microsoft Translator service to provide machine language translation capabilities for your intranet content. Microsoft Translator is a proven, customizable, and scalable solution for automating translation. Microsoft Translator is the same technology that powers translation features across Microsoft products including Office, SharePoint, Yammer, Visual Studio, Bing, and Skype. Microsoft Translator is a proven solution for customers of all size, providing high-quality language support covering 95% of the world’s GDP and meeting the security requirements of enterprise IT organizations.
The ability to quickly and accurately translate content is is essential but not all content in the intranet is meant for translation. Rise enables enterprise wide governance of your translation ability giving you complete control over your content. Administrators have the ability to define the Included Languages by choosing from the list of 50+ supported languages (including Klingon!). In many situations certain industry terms or trademarks should not be translated to preserve the true meaning of the content. Rise provides the ability to configure a list of Excluded Words allowing the translator the ability to bypass these key phrases. In addition content administrators have the ability to exclude entire sites or site collections from translation. This can be especially relevant to Human Resource related content where mistranslated content could expose an organization to legal liability.
The Rise Content Translation feature allows your intranet to span the cultural divide within your organization while still maintaining control over your most sensitive content. Be sure to stop by our booth if your are attending the Microsoft Ignite Conference, and feel free to Contact Us for an in depth demonstration of Rise and the Content Translation features.
To learn more about other great Rise features, download our latest guide: Accelerate Your SharePoint Intranet with Rise.


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