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Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 1

Star Date 2016-09-12 – 1:00 pm
Ok so there was a lot of info in the first presentation but I cannot share it with you. If you are on Sitecore Slack and an MVP check out the channel for details. It is well worth it.  Tonight it we head to the boat and there will be lots to share there I am sure.
The highlight of the day was the arrival of Akshay I mean Jason St-Cyr. We were so glad he arrived that we both took his picture and posted it all over twitter.  Welcome to a fellow Canadian.
Star Date 2016-09-12 – 6:00 pm
Evening came and some of us walked down to the boat and others cabbed it.  The river boat was amazing, great food, great music, lots of fun.
Live band inside
River boat
Look at us gangstas.
Lots of fun. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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Chris Williams

1 of 1 Sitecore Commerce MVPs in Canada.

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