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Life at Perficient

3 Colleagues Explain How Perficient Helps Them Succeed

Today’s successful enterprises measure progress with more than just balance sheets. They count the number of top-notch people who can say the company’s nurturing environment enabled their talents to flourish.
For nearly two decades, Perficient’s entrepreneurial mindset has attracted the kind of self-motivated and inspiring people who enable our company to expand and prosper year after year. We deeply appreciate the contributions made by our colleagues and understand how their empowerment brings value to the company and its clients.
In return, our colleagues show their appreciation by bringing to Perficient their best efforts and telling us how empowerment has informed their work and changed their lives. Here are three of their stories:
Senior Business Consultant
Took on a number of different roles thanks to support and training of colleagues
Saritha Balusu CROP“I have been with Perficient for more than 10 years, and it has been a wonderful journey. I started in sales, moved to back-office accounting, and then to talent acquisition. I am currently with IT business consulting. What I love about Perficient is that I’m always presented with new challenges that allow me to excel in new areas. Even though my background wasn’t in information technology, I have become a senior business consultant and a valuable player in my team due to the support, mentorship, and hands-on training at Perficient. The colleagues, mentors, and friends I have made over the years are now like a family to me. I look forward to an even more exciting journey with Perficient in the coming years.”
Business Operations Manager
Embraced major projects to learn and grow in many different departments
Becky Brown CROP“Although I have worked with different business units in the four years I have been with Perficient, my position has remained the same. I currently oversee our Oracle and Salesforce BUs while also managing our vendor relations group. My goal with Perficient has been to learn as much as I can regarding our business practice. I was the point person for both of the Salesforce acquisitions, which provided me with an opportunity to work with every department within Perficient and coordinate the successful integration of these business units. I also participated in Oracle EBS UAT testing and conversion, which allowed me to gain more insight into our business practices. I have been fortunate to participate in both of these major projects and many others.”
Senior Technical Consultant
Experienced personal and professional growth thanks to encouragement to keep skills sharp
Natalie Kepner CROP“I joined Perficient without any consulting experience and quickly learned a career as a consultant may never be boring or mundane. I was mentored by experienced team members who encouraged me to run my ideas by them in order to make the right decisions for our customers. My interpersonal skills have matured; I can relate to people from all levels of an organization. I have learned the value of teamwork in a results-driven environment. Perficient encourages us to invest in our own learning and to keep our skills current. My career at Perficient has allowed me to work with many leaders, experience many different industries, and develop the flexibility and freedom to take my career in the direction that’s best for me.”

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