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Optimizing Retirement with Liferay Portal

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Many look forward to the freedom of retirement, which includes activities like travel, bingo, and time spent with friends. Though there is far less to do, staying organized and up to date on retirement benefits is important. Such was the story of a leading state retirement system who looked to Perficient to unify their disparate web systems. 

An Ineffective Web Experience

Prior to speaking with us, the state’s retirement system was a mess, with three disparate websites serving as the platform for nearly 100,000 retirees. This led to confusion and frustration among users who simply wanted to access and organize their retirement information. Though the firm was able to hire on a technology integrator, their work was dissatisfying, creating a mess. That’s when management turned to Perficient.

With our expertise, we helped them understand how to better communicate to a variety of constituencies and present their platform in a single, unified, and consistent look. In our discussions with them, we suggested the implementation of Liferay portal, an enterprise platform leveraging agile, responsive, and social design technologies for content management, document storage, polling, calendar, and search.

A Stabilizing Experience

Transitioning to Liferay didn’t just mean installing the platform and leaving. Through our process and expertise, we helped the client implement development, quality assurance, and production environments to ensure that they were implementing what they had specified in their plans. As we assisted them in their move towards clarity, we were able to uncover nearly 300 user stories to modify 20 different portlets. Furthermore, we also trained their staff to learn how to use Liferay.

Adopting Liferay has provided numerous operational advantages for the retirement system. Since adoption, support needs have thinned out, subject matter experts can concentrate on improving the website, and the platform as a whole is more responsive and agile for needed changes.

Your turn: When it comes to life management platforms, what do you look for?

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