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Collaborate: Perficient Explains REST API Methods for Oracle BICS


There are several ways of integrating data with Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS). While some of these are tailored for end users and therefore offer agility and ease of use, others are targeted to scale and support automation. In my Collaborate 16 session tomorrow, I will be going through the different techniques and demos of uploading and unloading data from BICS, including browser driven methods like the Data Mashup from Data Visualization (Visual Analyzer) and more scalable approaches like Data Sync. In addition, when it comes to leveraging REST APIs with BICS for data integration, there is not one single method to apply. I will describe in detail the different options:

1. Standard BICS REST APIs
2. APEX Custom Built REST APIs
3. External System REST APIs

Because there are different techniques for REST APIs, I present decision diagrams to help guide the decision making process of who is going to do the work, and which method to use for REST API integration. Below is a sneak preview of the decision making process when it comes to figuring out which of the aforementioned methods is most suitable with the situation at hand.


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Mazen Manasseh, Director of Business Analytics

Mazen is a Director of Business Analytics at Perficient and an accomplished professional services leader with 20 years of being a customer advocate. An analytics solutions delivery expert in functional domains covering Supply Chain, Financials, HCM, Projects and Customer Experience. Being a thought leader in the business analytics space, he conducted numerous business training sessions and spoke at technology conferences around analytics and machine learning.

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